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Do you want to avoid local overheating, production disturbances, and - in the worst case - even reactor shutdown?

Get to know ASLB-W. It is designed to replace currently used antistatic agents, which may come up with certain issues.


ASLB-W is the new polymerization process aid with antistatic function for being used in Spheripol technology for the manufacture of Polypropylene (complete product portfolio).

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Do you want to minimize reactor fouling which may lead to production disturbances, and in the worst case even reactor shutdown? Increase the reliability of your operations with ASLB-W, the new long-term, food approved and non-toxic polymerization process aid.

Watch our recorded webinar and learn about the 3 reasons, why ASLB-W will make your polypropylene production fit for the future.

ASLB-W product benefits at a glance

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Performance Benefits

  • Suitable for all grade families
  • Neutralizes electrostatic charges of polymer in process
  • Controls activity of fine particles
  • Controls gas phase reactor activity
  • Offers excellent anti-fouling properties in gas phase reactors as well as in monomer degassing and recovery units
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Reference Cases

  • Continuing successful use in various LyondellBasell plants
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Safe and Sustainable

  • Food-approved and suitable for medical applications
  • Free of environmental and health hazard labeling

Propylene production with Spheripol technology

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WITH ASLB-W we ensure an efficient polymerization process without reactor fouling by

  • reduction of electrostatic charges of the polymers
  • control of the surface activity of small particles, minimizing agglomeration

It’s never too early to change to the better choice!

Depending on the grades produced, ASLB-W offers significant savings potential due to reduced fouling.

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