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»Talking to the machine«

Taking the lead in the digital revolution

Welcome to new era - our era. By the age of twelve, we had coded our first game, by the age of eighteen we had our first game-changing idea, today we set the rules. People used to laugh at us, now they are imitating us. Suddenly they like stuff we've been doing a decade ago and call on us every time they fail interacting with a machine.

But honestly, I don't care, I am too busy doing my thing -  which soon might change the reality for all of us.

»Progress is all about combining, as simple as that. If you want to proceed, take the best of two worlds and bring it together, especially if they have nothing in common at first sight. In case you need an example, just think of design and technology combined in one device. Enough said I guess.«


Cleaning hard surfaces.

Combining the best


My steady quest for progress is reflected in my consumer's choice. Disinfectants containing JMAC LP10 are a perfect example of that. While silver has been used as a disinfectant agent for centuries, its long-term disinfection properties have never been used in a hard-surface cleaner. Advancement is  everywhere, you just have to see it.

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Long lasting disinfectant with silver

 Genapol LA 070 0.50
 Dodigen 2808/L 0.62
 Nipacide CI 15 0.15
 JMAC LP 10 0.10
 EDTA 0.05
 Citric Acid qs pH 5.0
 Perfume and Dye Ad lib.
 Water qs 100

Disclaimer: The formulations presented here are only for inspiration. They were not checked for patent infringement and therefore should not be adopted as is without a thorough check.

Combining the best



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