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Hard surface cleaning

Ingredients and solutions

It does not matter if you want to clean or disinfect, Clariant has solutions for everything that concerns Hard Surface Cleaning. Glass, metal, stone, or any other surface, we can provide specific solutions for all your needs. High pH, low pH, strong, weak, any cleaner can benefit from Clariant products.

speciality chemicals for surface cleaning products

Product highlights

  • Aristocare Smart
    Aristocare Smart makes the cleaning of hydrophilic surfaces like ceramics, glass, and stainless steel a lot smarter. By providing a protective film, the surface becomes smoother and the sticking of soil and water droplets is prevented. Consequently soils can easily be removed during the next cleaning. Water drains more quickly from the smoothed surface resulting in spotless drying without limescale build-up.Furthermore, Aristocare Smart supports homogeneous cleaner distribution leading to the regular reflection of light. This guarantees a more brilliant and streak-free surface, which stays cleaner for longer.
  • GlucoPure® Wet
    GlucoPure Wet combines fast soap scum removal and mildness to plastic materials to give you the most suitable co-surfactant for bathroom cleaners and hard surface cleaners in general.
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