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Ingredients and solutions

From pretreatment to ironing, Clariant has products for all steps in the laundry process. We provide bleach systems to improve the pretreatment performance, additives for an easier and quicker washing, protecting colors and avoiding soil redeposition. We can also provide all the main quaternaries for fabric softeners.

speciality chemicals for laundry products

Product Highlights

  • Genapol O 080
    Wetting agents, dispersing agents, special cleaning agents, industrial cleaning agents, emulsifiers.
  • Hostapur OS liq.
    High foaming primary surfactant for hand dishwashing liquids. Low stickiness to textile fibres; especially for carpet and upholstery cleaners . Low tendency to build up viscosity therefore suitable for use in I&I cleaners .
  • Praepagen WB
    Praepagen WB is a cationic surfactant for use in fabric softeners.
  • TexCare SRN 172
    TexCare® SRN 172 is a nonionic soil release polymer designed for use in low-water products such as laundry capsules and pouches. At recommended inclusion levels, TexCare® SRN 172 adds no more than 0.3% water to a liquid formulation. Due to its nonionic character, TexCare® SRN 172 detergent polymer exhibits a broad tolerance to the most common surfactant systems, even in concentrated environments.
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