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Genapol® Complete is our contribution to a more ethical and eco-friendly home care industry. Our vegetal-origin non-ionic surfactant achieves excellent rinse and drying performance in automatic dishwashing detergents, guaranteeing cleaner machines and substantial CO₂ product footprint savings.

Genapol® Complete can be used in any environmentally friendly dishwashing detergent, significantly contributing to mitigating climate change without compromising on performance and cleanliness. With the sustainable background ecolabels require, Genapol® Complete is an excellent all-around rinse and drying surfactant with a higher bio-content and a lower carbon footprint than other rinse surfactants in the market. 

In addition, Genapol Complete avoids one of the main drawbacks of the current top performers – it reduces fatty residue build-up in the machine significantly. A comprehensive answer to the challenges of today, our non-ionic surfactant is a core ingredient of all-in-one dishwashing detergents, both sustainable and effective, a low-foaming surfactant for high-performance formulations. 

Benefits of Genapol® Complete

  • Excellent rinse performance
  • Very good overall drying performance
  • Significantly reduced fatty residues in the machine
  • Anaerobically biodegradable and partially of natural origin
  • Substantially lower product carbon footprint than alternatives
  • Outstanding compatibility with environmental labels

Excellent rinse performance

Effective rinse performance is crucial for clean and shiny dishes. Genapol® Complete offers improved sustainability with the same dishwashing performance when tested at 4% in a phosphate free powder. Our sustainable surfactant performs on par with the best alternatives regarding rinsing and drying. In addition, it helps to maintain the cleanliness and performance of dishwashers. 

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Excellent drying performance

Genapol® Complete guarantees excellent results in spotless drying, a key performance indicator. Clariant tested the Genapol® Complete with 4% surfactant in phosphate-free powder.

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Significantly reduced fatty residues


Lastly, Genapol® Complete prevents fatty residues from accumulating on dishes or in the dishwasher. Based on results from a grease build-up test at low temperatures (45°C), Genapol® Complete significantly reduces fatty residues. 

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As a non-ionic surfactant, Genapol® Complete can be combined with other non-ionic, anionic, and cationic substances. The possible turbidity of aqueous solutions does not affect the performance of the product.

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The sustainable perfomer for shiny dishes – Genapol Complete

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32% vegetal origin
(coconut derivative)

Clariant Icon Footprint 20220920

Up to 59% carbon footprint
reduction compared with
conventional alternatives

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Compatibility with
environmental labels

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