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Emulsifiers for Explosives

Emulsifiers for bulk emulsions,
packaged explosives and
specialized applications

Blast success requires reliable emulsions with long-term stability against thermal and mechanical stress as well as constant cap sensitivity. You need the power of a global company that can deliver what you need, where you need it and when you need it. Clariant has decades of experience in modern emulsifier technology and an innovative approach to meeting the challenges many face in the blasting industry. We have proven ourselves to be a reliable, forward-thinking partner by producing unique, high quality products and delivering them, on time, around the world.

PIBSA Emulsifiers

Clariant Mining Solutions produces emulsifiers that are derived from PIBSA that is specifically engineered and manufactured for explosives, delivering a far better product than what is currently available in the market. We use "high reactive" PIB raw materials instead of the conventional "low reactive" PIB to deliver even higher performance. Our custom PIBSA manufacturing process produces a chlorine-free emulsion with high activity and fewer by-products. Eliminating the chlorine process removes the by-products that can poison ANFO emulsions.

Sorbitan Ester Emulsifiers

Clariant's sorbitan ester-based emulsifiers for explosives produce highly stable emulsions, allowing them to be produced under relatively low shear conditions. The excellent compatibility of our product with a wide range of waxes and fuels used in packaged explosives allows it to be used as a co-emulsifier in bulk explosives. Furthermore, our sorbitan ester emulsifiers are very cost-efficient, give rapid viscosity development and are ideal co-emulsifiers in bulk explosives when a rapid gassing rate is required.

Fuel Phase Products

Clariant offers the products and expertise to meet your specific needs for both bulk fuel phase and packaged explosives fuel phase. We can jointly develop your unique blends under a secrecy and exclusivity agreement. Our experts will help you simplify the process by providing you with high quality pre-blended fuel phase to make bulk emulsions with ammonium nitrate melt. We supply the complete fuel phase for bulk ANFO emulsions and can blend the following fuels with emulsifiers:

  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Process Oil
  • Recycled Oil
  • Methyl Esters
  • PIBSA-based Emulsifiers
  • Sorbitan Ester-based Emulsifiers
Anti-Caking Agents for Ammonium Nitrate

Clariant offers anti-caking agents for ammonium nitrate under the brand name FERTALA™ These agents are engineered to solve caking problems resulting from:

Internal Factors

  • Moisture Content
  • Critical Relative Humidity
  • Shape, Size and Distribution (Granulometry)
  • Porosity
  • Mechanical Strength/Hardness
  • Morphology

External Factors

  • Storage Conditions
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Storage Time
  • Pressure in Storage
  • Bulk Piles
  • Package Size


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