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NaSH replacement in molybdenum flotation: FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants

The mining industry has a new, efficient solution for copper and molybdenum separation to replace NaSH: FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants

FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants are the new solution to replace NaSH in copper and molybdenum separation. This new technology is proven in commercial production of molybdenum concentrate, and it will allow you to eliminate the risk of H2S exposure while maintaining your molybdenum recovery and grade. FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants are also generally effective at a lower dosage than NaSH.

Main benefits of using FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants to replace NaSH in Cu-Mo separation:

  Eliminates the risk of H2S exposure at all process conditions
Clariant_Icon_Complete_06-10-2020  Maintains molybdenum recovery and grade
Clariant_Icon_Liquid_Water Drop_06-10-2020  Odorless and water soluble. Can be used over a wide pH range
Clariant_Icon_36 Criteria_List_Paper_06-10-2020  Enables complete replacement of NaSH, unlike competing alternatives
Clariant_Icon_Flotation_06-10-2020  Easy to implement using existing plant equipment and flowsheets

FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants, a safer solution to replace NaSH for molybdenum flotation, are part of our portfolio of flotation reagents for sulfide ores. To meet your mineral processing needs, we offer a wide range of products, including tailor-made collectors, xanthate-replacement collectors, and frothers. You can count on the support of our technical experts, in collaboration with your technical team, to assist in maximizing recovery and grade in your flotation process with our FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants or any of our other customized, high-performance products. Want to know more about our portfolio for Sulfide Ores? Click here!

Proven in commercial production of molybdenum

FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants are already in use by a few of our customers with excellent results and are available worldwide. Talk to our team to make FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants your choice for NaSH replacement for molybdenum flotation. Switching is easy, and you can do it with your existing equipment. Are you interested in a test trial? Send a message to the contact on this page to request a demonstration and/or a sample of this new depressant technology to replace NaSH in Cu-Mo separation. See the effectiveness of Clariant’s FLOTICOR™ DP sulfide depressants as NaSH replacements in your operation!

You can count on Clariant Mining Solutions to partner with you to solve your mining challenges

Clariant Mining Solutions is a trusted global provider of specialty chemicals for mineral processing with a focus on creating value by improving sustainability and metallurgical performance for our customers.
We offer customized solutions for the end-to-end mining process, including innovative technology in froth flotation chemistry and emulsifiers for explosives. Our global network of local application and development centers, coupled with our rapid response to customer requirements, allows us to deliver high-performing products and unmatched support. We formulate tailor-made chemical solutions specific to your mine, with high respect for the environment through sustainable chemicals. We are committed to supporting the sustainability efforts of the mining industry and see today's challenges as an opportunity to work together with our customers to build chemical solutions for sustainable mining. One of the key pillars of our efforts is our Tailings Management Program, which aims to transform the way the industry deals with mining waste. Click here to learn more!

Talk to our team. We look forward to working with you on your mining challenges!

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