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Our BIOTREAT bacteria control technologies prevent microbiological-induced corrosion, system biomass fouling, process plugging, reservoir and process H2S production, and iron sulfide deposition.

Clariant Oil Services' CORRTREAT corrosion inhibitors were designed to prevent and reduce corrosion.

DISSOLVAN demulsifier base chemistry technology has been used in finished demulsifier products to successfully separate the world's oil from water for more than 50 years.

Our FLOCTREAT water clarification technologies remove contaminants of residual oil and solids in produced water, while meeting regulatory requirements.

The FLOTREAT range of downhole treatments removes and prevents asphaltene deposits and resolves emulsions that have formed in the near-wellbore.

Our line of defoamers and anti-foam technologies provides foam management products for both oil- and aqueous-based fluids.

HOSTADRILL technologies are HT/HP fluid loss additives for drilling applications that improve operations and achieve optimum results.

Clariant Oil Services' HOSTAMER technologies are HT/HP fluid loss additives for cementing applications.

HYTREAT hydrate management and control technologies are designed to provide hydrate control for the most severe conditions of sub-cooling.

Get flow assurance technologies that offer specially-formulated solutions that prevent blockages formed by water and hydrates in gas wells and gas flow lines.

LIBERATE near-wellbore remediation technology solutions focus on damage removal in the wellbore region that negatively affects the normal oil production curve.

For more than 50 years, our PHASETREAT demulsifier technology has successfully separated the world's oil from water in compliance with some of the most stringent environmental regulations.

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The PRESERVAN line of hydrotest technologies offers a variety of easy-to-use, flexible options to meet all of your pipeline and process preservation needs.

SCALETREAT scale management and control technologies review current and future operating scenarios, delivering "scale management" for your benefit.

SCAVTREAT scavengers are used to control hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, sulfide scale and oxygen.

Our range of SURFTREAT technologies includes product functionalities such as cleaning, detergency, wettability modification and other general surfactant type applications.

WAXTREAT paraffin control technologies were designed to prevent and treat paraffin build-up in order to improve flow and increase production.

WellBoost technologies for gas well deliquification are custom-designed, cost- effective solutions that help maximize gas production and increase profits.

VERITRAX Intelligent Chemical Management System is a fully integrated chemical delivery and data management system that helps oil and gas operators increase operating efficiency, enhance customer service and improve budgeting procedures.