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Unconventional Solutions for Unconventional Oil and Gas Production

As leaders in the industry, Clariant Oil Services understands that oil and gas reservoir characteristics and associated challenges differ from shale to shale and basin to basin. Our team of technical experts collaborates with operators on active shales throughout North America, to study the respective formations in order to tailor production chemical treatment services to maximize production and improve total cost of operations. We use our innovative, integrated approach to develop customized production chemicals, well treatment systems and service-oriented solutions that allow unconventional shale oil and gas reserves to be developed efficiently and economically.

Flow Assurance

Extracting oil from shale reserves involves injecting substantial amounts of water, sand and chemicals at high pressures to crack (or hydraulically fracture) the rock to allow the oil to flow. The minerals contained in the ground and induced water, paired with their incompatibility, leads to the formation of scale. These problems become intensified with changing temperatures and pressure resulting in various formations, such as wax and asphaltene, causing severe flow assurance challenges or possible unplanned downtime. Clariant Oil Services is a leading provider of flow assurance solutions and services to the oil and gas industry. Our expert chemists and engineers study the dynamics of scale, wax and asphaltene formations. From there, performance and compatibility tests are conducted and mathematical optimization models are built to provide customized flow assurance solutions to allow optimum flow efficiencies that ultimately improve operations and total cost of ownership.

Integrity Management

Unconventional oil and gas applications such as tight shale gas and coal bed methane formations are unique and make extraction of gas and condensation difficult. Clariant Oil Services has specially designed chemistries and engineered tools to help manage the integrity of unconventional/shale wells. Our experienced experts create customized solutions for water treating, corrosion monitoring, bacteria control and mitigation and scale management for unconventional oil and gas shale plays. Our patented technologies have been developed to provide safe and effective methods to control or remove hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, sulfide scale and oxygen to minimize corrosion risks, reduce operating costs and increase production.

In gas shales and tight gas, gas is produced by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of the source rock. Any fluid placed into the formation poses a risk to both the integrity of the formation and the process equipment that handles flow back fluids. Clariant has a full line of flowback aids that have been developed to assist in "unloading" the well after the hydraulic fracturing process.


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