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At Clariant, we are focused on providing customers with a wide selection of specialties designed for a wide range of applications. Our personal care portfolio includes care ingredients such as emollients, emulsifiers, preservatives, mild surfactants, pearlizers, actives and more.

The Personal Care team at Clariant North America, offers formulation and market expertise…

  • to help bring companies and brands ahead
  • to exceed consumer expectations
  • to envision solutions for fast-evolving cosmetic challenges

Let’s work together. We can help inspire your next formulation concepts with unique formats and textures.

North American Consumer Care Innovation Center – Virtual Tour

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Formulation Studio

Discover the latest inspirational formulations created by our team in North America. These on trend solutions feature Clariant’s innovative ingredients and have been created to support customers in staying one step ahead of the current market trends.

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Inspiring Market Concepts

  • Beauty At Play
    Personal Care formulations that combine function and fun! With rising consumer desire for product experimentation and unique textures, Beauty at Play is designed to bring a sense of playfulness to the everyday beauty routine.
  • BeautyCraft Boosters
    Join the personalization trend! BeautyCraft Boosters provide inspiration and ready-to-use formulations to deliver a transformational Personal Care experience all about end-user and regimen versatility.
  • The Curl Project
    The Curl Project goes root to tip targeting textured hair with the moisture and specific care curls crave to be their natural best. This new regimen of inspirational care formulations puts consumer needs for frizz control, manageability and repair top of mind, and is proven to deliver.
    Clariant introduces ReMAGINE, a new personal care trend for dynamic consumers looking for sustainable and effective products that can adapt to their routines.
  • Naturally ME
    Naturally ME, the new line of high RCI formulations by Clariant, has been designed to provide consumers a relaxing oasis away from their busy lives. Consumers are looking for ways to getting well and staying well. For their personal care needs, they turn to products that are green, simple, effective and convenient. Naturally ME delivers just that – bringing you a relaxing self-care routine to indulge right in your own home.
  • Indulge
    Clariant introduces Indulge, a new personal care trend that connects your senses on an emotional level with cosmetic products.
  • Essence
    Essence by Clariant breaks formulation and market conventions by using consumer-friendly ingredients in unique and innovative ways.

Explore our expertise in three focus fields


Actives and Natural Origins

Nature inspires us to develop new active ingredients to lead the trends of the cosmetic industry. Based on advanced scientific technologies, we offer innovative and sustainable solutions.

  • CycloRetin
    Discover a new natural alternative to retinol, based on plant cyclopeptides.
  • Rootness Mood+
    This natural active ingredient obtained from the roots of the great burnet thanks to the Plant Milking technology stimulates the skin photoreceptors and potentializes the effects of vitamin D in the skin the way sunlight would do it, to boost mood and skin at the same time!
  • Beraca CBA
    Beraca CBA is a natural ingredient made from 2 powerful oils responsibly sourced. It activates the CB2 receptors to provide a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Explorer Amazon Rainforest
    "Be the explorer" is a new concept created by Clariant to introduce the origin and environment from which its natural ingredients are sourced. The reader is sent to a journey to secret plants and natural treasures that can be an inspiration source for new personal care formulations. The first part of this concept is dedicated to the Amazon biome and Belém do Pará region.

As one of the main pillars of the Naturals platform, Origins celebrates both the wealth of global biodiversity and the magic of local roots. It uses Clariant’s extensive worldwide network of local partners to provide access to a whole new world of exotic biomes and age-old plant knowledge, complemented by transparent sourcing, responsible cultivation, and fascinating narratives.

  • HerbEx Centella Extract
    HerbEx Centella Extract is obtained from the leaves of the Centella asiatica, a plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It contains molecules recognized for their anti-irritation and skin repair activities
  • Beraca Cupuaçu Butter
    The cupuaçu tree is a cousin of the cocoa's tree, both belonging to the Theobroma family. Its pulp presents an acidic and sweet taste and a pleasant smell. It is largely used in natura as juice, or in food preparations. The seeds represent 20% of the fruit and from them is extracted the butter, which is rich in oleic and stearic acids.Beraca and Clariant work with communities in the north of Brazil to collect the seeds to produce Beraca Cupuaçu Butter. The cupuaçu trees are cultivated in agroforestry systems. In the past, the cupuaçu seeds had no utility and were simply discarded. Today they are upcycled into a butter that offers benefits to the personal care industry, and represent an important component of family income.
  • Beraca Red Clay
    Clays are 100% natural materials made of very thin silicate particles, mixed with mineral oxides that give them their colors. They are responsibly extracted in Brazil, where the specific geology of the soil confers them properties that proved to be beneficial for the skin and/or hair. Beraca Red Clay is mainly composed of silicon dioxide, in addition to aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide and ferric oxide and has a maximum granulometric distribution of 15μm.
  • Beraca Buriti Oil
    Sustainably sourced buriti oil from the Brazilian biomes. Buriti tree is known as the symbol of water, as it is found on the riverbanks, streams and springs. It is present in different Brazilian biomes, especially in the Cerrado (Brazilian savanna)and wet tropical forests of the Amazon. Buriti’s fruit has a hard bark that acts as natural protection and its orange pulp is very tasty, being used by the local population to produce sweets.The oil is extracted by hand by local communities grouped in a cooperative, managed mainly by women who hold leadership positions. Clariant and Beraca work closely with these communities and ensured them a sale guarantee.The Beraca Buriti Oil is rich in antioxidant, omega-9 and carotenoid. It has film-forming properties that allows skin to retain moisture.

Sensorial Effects and Functional Claims

  • Beraca Abyssinian Oil Refined
    Beraca Abyssinian Oil Refined is a unique oil derived from the Abyssinia plant – native to the sun-drenched windy open African Highlands and the South American Caatinga, some of the world regions that receive the highest UV exposures from the sun. A natural emollient with good heat stability and oxidation resistance with a great cushony after feel. Its unique composition, rich in omegas 6 and 9 and long-chain triglycerides leaves the skin nourished and hydrated.
  • Plantasens Olive LD
    Plantasens Olive LD is a natural, very stable emollient which provides a premium sensory in numerous skin care and hair care products. The outstanding sensory profile makes it a sensorial alternative for dimethicone and its very good solubilization power for crystalline UV filters an ideal choice for sun care applications.
  • Plantasens Olive Squalane
    Plantasens Olive Squalane is a natural (100% derived from olive, Cosmos approved), very stable emollient which provides a premium sensory in numerous skin care and hair care products. The outstanding sensory profile makes it a sensorial alternative to dimethicone. It can be easily incorporated into emulsions, and is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients.
  • Plantasens Emulsifier DGI
    Plantasens Emulsifier DGI is a natural PEG-free emulsifier based on a patented technology. In combination with other emulsifiers or co-emulsifiers it allows a wide range of w/o textures due to its high emulsifying effect. Emulsions obtained with Plantasens Emulsifier DGI have very good spreading properties on the skin and provide a cushony after-feel.
  • Plantasens Emulsifier SFO
    Plantasens Emulsifier SFO is a natural co-emulsifier for o/w emulsions based on vegetable, renewable, and GMO-free sources. Excellent stabilizing properties in cream body washes and contributes to a supple texture in a wide variety of skin care products, ranging from very economic products to high-end formulations.
  • Plantasens Emulsifier HP30
    This GMO-free and PEG-free natural emulsifier system provides robust formulations. A patented well balanced emulsifier system with a high affinity to the skin’s amino-acid structures that adheres to the skin, giving a smooth and silky skin feel. Moisturizing, natural beauty for all skin types and especially suitable for products developed for sensitive skin.
  • Hostacerin WO
    Hostacerin WO is a self emulsifying base for cosmetic water-in-oil emulsions. The emulsions obtained using this product have very good spreading properties on the skin, as well as cold and heat stability. Moreover, soft lustrous creams can be formulated, depending on the fatty components used.
  • Hostaphat KL 340 D
    Hostaphat KL 340 D is a flexible emulsifier for challenging formulations that demand stability as well as a pleasant skin feel. This very efficient, pre-neutralized, anionic o/w emulsifier allows the design of emulsions with all types of oils and UV filters. Also very well suitable for low viscosity formats and textures like sprays, lotions and milks.
  • Genadvance Hydra
    Genadvance Hydra is one of Clariant’s most Nature-friendly hair care ingredients for consumers who need to take care of their hair’s everyday wear and tear. Coming from a family of natural moisturizers, it delivers a great after-feel on dry hair. Hair feels moisturized and manageable. Because of its properties, this hair conditioning agent can be also used in products for children.
  • Genadvance Life
    Genadvance Life is a hair conditioning agent that brings hair back to life. It is particularly efficient for thin and limp hair, delivering volume, shine and a breath of new life into hair. It will not make hair frizzy, can be used in many hair care formats, especially in silicone-free products, and it is very eco-friendly.
  • Genadvance Repair
    Genadvance Repair does what its name promises, making very damaged hair sleek, smooth and healthy again. It also prevents further damage much better than current damage-protecting ingredients. Genadvance Repair is probably the most weight efficient hair conditioning agent, so very economical to use
  • Beraca™ Crambisol
    Daily impacts such as heat styling, aggressive brushing, pollution, UV exposure and even over-washing affect hair health and lead to severe damage. Made from Crambe abyssinica seeds and phytosterols, Beraca Crambisol penetrates the cuticle down to the cortex to strengthen all layers of the hair fiber for less breaks.
  • GlucoTain Care
    GlucoTain Care is the most tender in our mild sugar surfactant family. With its rich and creamy foam, it still remains easy to rinse off and leaves a gently conditioned and moisturized after feel. Especially suitable for dry, damaged and sensitive hair and skin. Due to its sensory profile it is recommended for conditioning, repair and baby shampoos as well as pampering facial cleansers. Discover Value with GlucoTain. To learn more, click here
  • GlucoTain Clear
    GlucoTain Clear (INCI: Capryloyl/Caproyl Methyl Glucamide) is our EO- and PEG-free hero surfactant for fresh and light formulations and an excellent solubilizer for fragrances for all kinds of products. This sugar surfactant offers formulations a boost through light and fluffy foam, easy rinse-off, and a squeaky-clean skin feel. Suitable for all skin types, GlucoTain Clear provides an ideal solution for refreshing, vitalizing shower products, hand wash, and 2-in-1 shower and hair products.Providing powerful foaming and cleaning in personal care and home care formulations, GlucoTain ingredients emit radically less CO2 from cradle to gate than for example the widely used APGs.
  • GlucoTain Flex
    GlucoTain® Flex is our versatile sugar surfactant offering freedom when formulating. It supports the development of sulfate-free and CAPB-free formulations, and with its creamy foam, it leaves a squeaky-clean and nourished after-feel. Learn more about the story of Glucotain.
  • GlucoTain Sense
    This powerful sensory additive adds a deep caring after-feel to your rinse-off formulations. GlucoTain® Sense (INCI: Sunfloweroyl Methylglucamide) is a mild sugar surfactant with refatting effects, it is non-tropical sourced, based on sunflower oil and sugar.
  • Hostapon SCI- 85 C
    Hostapon SCI-85 C is a mild, high-foaming, anionic surfactant suited for use in syndet bars, combo bars, liquid soaps and a variety of other personal care products. It is very mild to the skin and eyes and provides a rich and abundant lather with no soap scum due to its hard water tolerance. This product imparts a luxurious, silky skin after-feel and is very easy to handle and use. It is also indicated to shampoo and cleansers using acid preservation system (low phs).
  • Neutrotain DMG
    NeutroTain DMG is a renewable and versatile neutralizer for hair dyes, straighteners, aqueous gels and vegetable fatty acid soaps. This mild alkaline neutralizer is based sugar-based.
  • Perlogen SF 117
    Perlogen SF 117 is a cold processable, liquid pearlizing, sulfate-free concentrate for rinse-off products. It is the most accessible and versatile pearlizing agent of our range, combining performance and cost-benefit for applications such as: shampoo, liquid hand soaps and moisturizing washes.
  • Perlogen SF 3000
    Perlogen SF 3000 is a cold processable, liquid pearlizing, sulfate-free concentrate for rinse-off products. It delivers an intensive silky shine at Low usage concentrations– underlining product quality and performance. Add value to shampoos, liquid hand soaps, nourishing conditioners and moisturizing washes.
  • Aristoflex AVC
    Aristoflex AVC is a synthetic polymer used as a gelling agent for aqueous systems and as a texturizer and thickener for oil-in-water emulsions. It is pre-neutralized, easy to use and provides formulations with excellent yield value, corresponding to superior stability even in the absence of additional emulsifier. This product has a good compatibility with organic solvents (ethanol, acetone) and is stable towards UV radiation and high shear stress
  • Aristoflex BLV
    Aristoflex BLV represents a high molecular weight acrylamidomethylpropane sulfonic acid (AMPS) polymer, partially neutralized with ammonia. Aristoflex BLV consists of a large, hydrophilic portion and a smaller hydrophobic portion. This chemical structure allows this copolymer to function as primary emulsifier and stabilizer in oil-in-water emulsions. This is done as the hydrophobic portion adsorbs at the oil-water interface, and the hydrophilic portion swells in the water phase to provide exceptional emulsion stability to a broad range of oils. In combination with other polymers like Aristoflex AVC, Aristoflex BLV can be used to modify skin rheology and texture, improve pick up as well as to reduce the total amount of required thickener. It is indicated for low-viscosity formulations like lotions, wet wipes, sprayable formulations, hot and cold O/W formulations with an elegant and rich skin after-feel.
  • Aristoflex HMB
    Aristoflex HMB is a hydrophobically modified synthetic polymer used as gelling agent for aqueous systems and as texturizer or thickener for oil-in-water emulsions. The polymer is pre-neutralized, easy to use and provides formulations with excellent yield value, corresponding to superior stability even in the absence of additional emulsifier. Due to the hydrophobic modification, even low concentrations of this product stabilize high amounts of oil
  • Aristoflex Silk
    Aristoflex Silk, with its great salt tolerance and premium sensory, is the solution for complex formulations containing UV filters or active ingredients. A multi-functional polymer which is providing formulation stability and is working at low pH. The China-approved, EO-free and ready-to-use polymer offers a number of benefits to support formulators in answering consumers’ requests for highly functional and protecting products. It is indicated to bring perfect silkiness to sun care and skin-whitening products in addition to face creams, eye relaxing creams, and skin boosting/detoxing face masks.
  • Aristoflex TAC
    Aristoflex TAC is a polymer used as a rheology modifier for surfactant systems. The polymer is pre-neutralized, easy to use and provides formulations with excellent yield force, even at very low polymer concentration and low viscosity. With this product, you can easily suspend particles, such as pearls, pearlizers, organic and inorganic pigments, Zinc Pyrithione, oil droplets and air bubbles
  • Aristoflex Velvet
    Aristoflex Velvet is an unique polymer matrix that gently melts during application leaving skin feeling soft and moisturized. It is a multi-purpose rheology modifier delivering soft, velvety skin feel and unique benefits in a wide range of formulations, excellent solvent compatibility, particle stabilization, easy to add at any formulation step.
  • Hostacerin MCP
    Hostacerin MCP is a sophisticated rheology modifier which provides a premium sensory for hand sanitizer products, especially hydroalcoholic gels. The outstanding sensory profile makes Hostacerin MCP a perfect solution to avoid the dryness and harsh sensory of traditional ethanol based hand sanitizers. It also provides a stable and effective viscosity profile for hand sanitizers using 70% ethanol in the formulation as recommended by World Health Organization (WHO).



  • Velsan Flex
    Velsan Flex is a multifunctional preservation booster. Thanks to its high water solubility and Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of 93%, the award-winning Velsan Flex meets the rapidly evolving challenges of international personal care markets by allowing formulators to reduce preservative load together with a broad formulation flexibility. This ingredient also has powerful solubilization properties, turning into a perfect solution for natural formulations.
  • Velsan CGE
    Velsan CGE is a broad spectrum preservation booster with a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of 100%, ideal to boost preservation in natural formulations. Due to its versatility it acts as emollient spreading easily and providing less greasy, lighter emulsions. In addition, it also acts as deo active in natural deodorants.
  • Velsan SC
    Velsan SC is a powerful synergistic booster for preservation systems. It can reduce the amount of traditional preservative load needed for adequate formulation protection, allowing you to preserve more with less.
  • Velsan EHG S
    Velsan EHG S is a multifunctional skin care additive which acts as an emollient and functions as an active in deodorants. At the same time it is highly effective as a preservative booster.
  • Nipaguard SCE
    Nipaguard SCE is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent designed for preservation of a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries. It is particularly strong against mold and remains full stable from pH 4.0 – 6.5, thus the ideal option for low pH. Being a synergestic blend of sorbitan caprylate, Nipaguard SCE is 85% renewable, DIN ISO 16128 compliant and readily biodegradable.
  • Nipaguard SCL
    Nipaguard SCL is an alternative to sodium benzoate for organic acid preservation. Triple technology liquid blend: Potassium Sorbate for highly effective preservation; Velsan SC a natural, synergistic booster; and GLUCOTAIN CLEAR solubilizes for easy handling.
  • Phenoxetol SG
    Phenoxetol SG is a cosmetic grade of 2-Phenoxyethanol, which is widely used as an antimicrobial preservative for cosmetics and toiletries. This product is derived from 100% bio-ethanol resulting in a renewable carbon index (RCI) of 25%.
  • Nipaguard PE 9010
    Nipaguard PE 9010 is an antimicrobial agent comprising a synergistic blend of phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin. It performs equally well against bacteria, yeasts and molds and is designed to preserve a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries.
  • Phenonip XB
    Phenonip XB is a preservative blend for personal care products. It is a liquid version of the optimized paraben blend.
  • Nipaguard DMDMH Plus
    Nipaguard DMDMH Plus is a preservative that is highly soluble in water and adaptable enough for a wide range of personal care products. Nipaguard DMDMH Plus can be particularly effective in surfactant- based formulations, which can have some inherent antimicrobial activity, but which are susceptible to growth of some types of microorganisms. This version has the benefit of being low free-formaldehyde.
  • Nipagin M
    Nipagin M is the best water soluble short-chain Paraben.
  • Nipaguard CG
    Nipaguard CG is a preservative blend and provides protection over a wide range of microbial types. Its appearance is a slightly yellow clear liquid.
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