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Cold Flow Improver for Biofuels


Meet the unique challenges presented by biofuels with Clariant Refinery Products

Clariant Refinery Services range of Biofuel additives is based on the unique challenges of biofuels itself as well as mixtures deriving from biodiesel and diesel (often referred to as Bx). Regardless of whether you are looking at 100% biodiesel or biodiesel-diesel mixtures, three main performance criteria need to be improved:

  • Cold Filter plugging point (CFPP)
  • Pour point (PP)
  • Sedimentation, especially after storage at lower temperatures

Clariant has developed products, which are designed especially for 100% biodiesel. Mixtures of biodiesel and diesel differentiate mainly due to the diesel quality. Products for these mixtures will be tailored based on your fuel samples for optimized performance improvement.

Cold Flow Improvers

Depending on the raw material for the production of FAME, the amount and distribution of saturated fatty acid methyl esters can differ significantly. With Clariant Cold Flow Improver, DODIFLOW® 5603, the CFPP can be improved even with a higher percentage of such saturated methyl ester. The Clariant Cold Flow Improver also acts as a wax dispersant to reduce sedimentation of additivated biofuel in the storage tanks as well as fuel tanks of cars/trucks. Sedimentation can also be a concern in biofuel/diesel-blends. Clariant Flow Improver is specifically designed to help to reduce sedimentation in such blends by separate additivation of the biodiesel-component before blending with diesel.

Pour Point Depressants

A high content of saturated fatty acid methyl esters in FAME can raise the pour point of the fuel. This often causes handling problems during the life cycle of such fuels, especially at lower temperatures and/or during storage in above ground tanks. Clariant Pour Point Depressants for biodiesel help to improve the handling properties by lowering the pour point.


Our technical experts have the experience to help you find the best product for your Biofuel challenges and will support you in defining the right additive package for your process. Contact us for more information.

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