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Special Solvents


Clariant's Special Solvent business offers a broad range of Polyethylene glycol dialkyl ethers as solvents and additives for a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical and chemical processes, be it synthesis of APIs or extraction of naturally occurring actives from plants.

Polyethylene glycol dialkyl ethers are polar, aprotic solvents which are chemically inert and exert high thermal stability.

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Polyethyleneglycol dialkyl ethers as solvents

Our polyglycol dialkyl ethers dissolve a wide range of organic compounds as well as stabilize metal ions in solution, lending themselves to being versatile solvents in chemical processes, particularly when organometallic reagents are involved.

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Polyethylene glycol dimethyl ethers as additives

We offer a wide range of high molecular weight polyethylene glycol ethers to be used as additives. The products are not single substances, but polymers with statistic homologue distributions. 

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NMP replacement

Dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether (DPGDME) is a very versatile and environmentally friendly solvent and it’s used as solvent for formulating polyurethane dispersions as a substitute and alternative to NMP (N-methyl pyrrolidone) or NEP (N-Methyl-pyrrolidone). DPGDME based PU dispersions (PUDs) are used for coatings where solvents with low toxicity are mandatory such as parquet lacquers or for leather finishing / coating of car and aircraft upholstery.

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Reactive polyalkylene glycol diethers

For a variety of different applications, the polyglycol allyl methyl ethers are reacted with silicon compounds to obtain polyether modified siloxanes. In this Platinum-catalyzed hydrosilylation reaction the allylic C=C bond of the functional polyglycol is reacted with the Si-H bond of the silicon compound. 

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