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As one of the world’s leaders in industrial chemistry, Clariant creates value with innovative and sustainable chemical products and solutions for customers from different industries.

The business unit ICS is one of the largest providers of specialty chemicals and application solutions for consumer care and industrial markets. Combining chemical industry knowledge with high-performance ingredients and formulation expertise, ICS delivers solutions with the best cost-performance ratios.

Clariant is committed to providing its partners with innovative ingredients that not only fulfill consumer needs but also deliver benefits during production. That’s why we continuously optimize our manufacturing processes to increase efficiency, safety and environmental protection.

As a key chemical manufacturer and supplier, Clariant offers products with consistent quality and stable properties, providing the required performance in formulation and application.


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The business unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties serves a wide range of industries:



May 03, 2022
Illuminate eye contours with new Clariant active Rootness® Awake from soil-free cultivated plant power
May 03, 2022
Reduce dark circles and under-eye bag formation with the help of the latest Premium Root Power skincare active from Clariant Natural Ingredients. Launched today, Rootness Awake is an enriched extract of inflammation-fighting compounds obtained from sustainably-grown Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) roots. It offers science-backed efficacy in reducing discoloration and ensuring firmness, promoting a revitalized more youthful eye contour. more
April 12, 2022
Be a Beauty Wizard! Rediscover the powers of nature with Clariant Natural Ingredients
April 12, 2022
Beauty Wizard rituals from Clariant Active Ingredients. Highly-effective nature-based cosmetic ingredients and traditional activities combine in two new propositions to encourage slow wellbeing habits amid skyrocketing stress levels. more


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