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Heat Transfer Fluids

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Whether keeping buildings cool, refrigerating food or harnessing solar energy, whatever your application, Clariant’s versatile Antifrogen Heat Transfer Fluids offer maximum protection against corrosion and frost for more sustainable installations.

Take advantage of our 40+ years’ expertise, online calculation tool and Antifrogen services to design the optimal safe system for your application needs.

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  • Food and beverage

    Our heat transfer fluids help remove excess heat quickly which is crucial for meeting tightening food and beverage safety standards and maintaining shelf life.

  • HVAC

    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are the backbones for a comfortable environment in commercial and residential buildings.

  • Industrial Process Cooling

    Our heat-transfer fluids are essential for industrial process cooling applications even at extremely high or extremely low-temperature conditions.

  • Renewable energy sources

    Our heat transfer fluids support renewable energy sources such as solar thermal systems, geothermal energy applications, and wind turbines.

  • Special applications

    Our Antifrogen® fluids provide an efficient and sustainable solution for your special applications and protect your installation from frost and corrosion.


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Antifrogen L and its dilutions in water are currently in the recertification process of the VdS which is important for VdS certified sprinkler systems. Due to delays, the certificate expires on March 15, 2022. Recertification is expected to be completed by mid-May 2022. The new certificate will then be valid retrospectively as of March 15, 2022 and can then be submitted to you later if necessary.

Due to changes in the certification process of the VdS, only the following distributors are allowed to sell VdS certified Clariant products, beginning 15.03.2022 :

 List of VdS-Distributors

 To be announced soon

Antifrogen Online Calculator

With the help of this program you may run a variety of calculations for the use of Antifrogen.

Antifrogen analysis service for your installations

The performance of Antifrogen / water mixtures should be checked approximately every two years.

Check below the detailed process of getting a voucher and sending a sample.

Clariant Image Antifrogen process 02 EN

To purchase a voucher, please contact your distributor where you buy Antifrogen from.

Frequently asked questions

What remains unchanged?
  • You register your samples via the sample submission page (noting your voucher number)
  • You send in your sample
  • You receive a detailed analytical report for your specific sample
  • A recommendation on further usage will be provided by our technical experts based on their years of experience 

What is new?
  • Your distribution partner will automatically receive a copy of the report so you can explore the next steps which suit your specific application together
  • You will obtain a voucher from your Antifrogen distributor partner to enable your sample analysis 

Are you a distributor?

Then you can access the Distributor Portal by clicking on this link.

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