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Industrial lubricant additives and
synthetic base oils

We are committed to the industrial lubricant and metal working industry since decades and have the depth and product diversity to satisfy customers‘ needs with global strength and local resources. Our vision is to be your preferred supplier for water-based and synthetic applications by providing you innovative, state of the art solutions combined with a high level of service and formulation support to meet your current and future challenges.

We offer a broad product portfolio for the Industrial Lubricants segment including synthetic base fluids, low foaming emulsifiers, components and lubricant additives to a number of lubricant and metal working applications.

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With more than 40 year’s experience serving the lubricant & metal working industry, we have developed a profound market understanding and formulation expertise for a variety of end-use applications, especially for water-based and synthetic-based industrial lubricants.

  • Compressor oils

    Compressor oils

    For the production of LDPE, we offer polyalkylene based hyper compressor oils. Our products have been certified for cylinder lubrication.

  • Gear oils

    Gear oils

    We offer a broad range of polyalkylene glycols used as synthetic base fluids for gear oils and powerful additives to increase lubricity.

  • Industrial grease components

    Industrial grease components

    Clariant’s industrial grease components for use in industrial lubricants. Discover our high-performing additives for use in synthetic-based industrial lubricants & polyurea grease.

  • Hydraulic fluids

    Hydraulic fluids

    Our portfolio of hydraulic fluids components includes thickeners, antifreeze additives, synthetic base fluids, corrosion inhibitors, and emulsifying systems.

  • Metal cleaner

    Metal cleaner

    For metal cleaning applications, we offer a broad range of low foaming surfactants, defoamers, and water-soluble corrosion inhibitors and neutralizing agents.

  • Metal Working Fluids

    Metal Working Fluids

    For water-miscible cutting/grinding fluids, we offer a variety of components, performance additives, and preformulated emulsifier/corrosion inhibitor packages.

  • Quenching fluids

    Quenching fluids

    For water-based quenchants, we provide polyalkylene glycols with viscosity, low volatile water-soluble corrosion inhibitors, biocides and neutralizing agents.

  • Rolling fluids

    Rolling fluids

    For rolling fluid formulations, we offer high-quality materials and tailor-made solutions including acidic complex esters, polyesters, and nonionic emulsifiers.

  • Rust prevention oils

    Rust prevention oils

    Our corrosion inhibitors based on phosphoric acid ester help rust prevention oils protect the surface of the metal workpiece from rust.


We offer a broad portfolio of synthetic base fluids, performance additives and packages & concentrates for a variety of water-based and synthetic industrial lubricant formulations , ranging from hyper-compressor oils and  fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, to industrial gear oils, industrial greases and metal working fluids (incl. cutting, grinding, forming, rolling, quenching as well as metal cleaner and corrosion protection oils).

  • Biocides for metalworking fluids

    Biocides for metalworking fluids

    Biocides are essential to fight micro-organisms and the formation of biofilms to maintain the performance and lifetime of the fluid.

  • Corrosion Inhibitors

    Corrosion Inhibitors

    Our portfolio comprises water-soluble and water-dispersible corrosion inhibitors for formulating synthetic, semi-synthetic and milky emulsions.

  • Emulsifiers


    Discover our broad portfolio of non-ionic and anionic emulsifiers for hydraulic fluids and metalworking applications with multifunctional performance.

  • EP/AW Additives

    EP/AW Additives

    Phosphoric acid esters are effective extreme pressure/anti-wear additives, enhancing the metalworking fluid/oil by providing protection under extreme friction.

  • Finished fluids

    Finished fluids

    For the production of low-density polyethylene, we offer 3 types of certified polyalkylene based hyper compressor oils.

  • Industrial grease components

    Industrial grease components

    Clariant’s industrial grease components for use in industrial lubricants. Discover our high-performing additives for use in synthetic-based industrial lubricants & polyurea grease.

  • Lime soap dispersing agents

    Lime soap dispersing agents

    Our lime soap dispersing agents provide high emulsion stability, tolerating high content of electrolytes and are stable against water hardness.

  • Low-foaming surfactants

    Low-foaming surfactants

    Our low foaming surfactants are mostly used in mild alkaline or neutral spray cleaners.

  • Lubricity Improvers

    Lubricity Improvers

    Our broad range of lubricity improvers consists mainly of specialty complex esters and polymeric esters.

  • Neutralizing agents

    Neutralizing agents

    Amines are used as neutralizing in emulsifiable and synthetic fluids. Our products cause almost no cobalt leaching and improve the emulsion formation.

  • Packages & concentrates

    Packages & concentrates

    We offer emulsifier, inhibitor, and lubricating packages as well as packages for metalworking fluids, de-watering fluids and compressor oils for cooling units.

  • Synthetic base fluids covering a wide range of viscosities

    Synthetic base fluids covering a wide range of viscosities

    Clariant’s synthetic base fluids from polyol ester oil. Discover the ultimate components for superior synthetic formulations, synthetic transmission, hydraulic and brake fluids and more.

  • Thickeners & quenching polymers

    Thickeners & quenching polymers

    Clariant is one of the world’s leading suppliers of water-soluble polyalkylene glycols used as thickeners and quenching polymers.


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