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The demand for biodegradable and compostable plastics is growing significantly due to the stricter environmental regulations and the rising consumer awareness. Consequently, a higher usage of biodegradable polymers has been recommended by various organizations. In order to increase the acceptance of these materials, color plays a significant role.

Clariant has been working on developing innovative colorants which appeal to customers while at the same time do not affect biodegradation and compostability..

Coloration of Biodegradable Polymers

The coloration of biodegradable polymers – such as PLA, PHA/PBS and PBAT - requires a careful selection of pigments that must comply with strict environmental standards. Our range of organic pigments complies with EN 13432 when not used above the maximum concentration in the final plastic application.


OK compost Certification

Selected products of our PV Fast and Graphtol ranges now feature the OK compost INDUSTRIAL label which guarantees that packaging and products are compostable in an industrial composting plant, fully meeting the requirements of the harmonized European Union EN 13432:2000 standard, and compliant with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive.

Our Portfolio

PV Fast Yellow H9G

PV Fast Yellow H9G is a very green shade, alkali resistant yellow pigment suitable for fibre, thin-wall and film applications.

OK compost certified
Graphtol Yellow 3GP
Graphtol Yellow 3GP is an economical greenish yellow pigment with reasonable fastness properties. It is suitable for PP fibers, packaging and toy applications and an ideal replacement for diarylide and lead chromate pigments.
PV Fast Yellow HG 01
PV Fast Yellow HG 01 is a green shade yellow pigment with high color strength, high transparency and excellent fastness properties with applications in a wide range of polymers.
OK compost certified
PV Fast Yellow HG

PV Fast Yellow HG is a greenish yellow pigment with excellent fastness properties for applications in a wide range of polymers. It is a replacement for cadmium, lead chromate and diarylide pigments.

PV Fast Yellow H2GR
It is a transparent mid-shade yellow pigment with excellent heat stability and high color strength. Ideal replacement for diarylide, cadmium and lead chromate pigments.
OK compost certified
PV Fast Yellow HGR
PV Fast Yellow HGR is an economical red-shade yellow pigment with excellent heat stability and resistance properties. It is an ideal replacement for diarylide and lead chromate pigments.
Graphtol Yellow H2R
Graphtol Yellow H2R is a red shade yellow pigment with high color strength. It can be used as a replacement for diarylide and lead chromate pigments. Its potential reaction with alkaline additives can lead to discoloration and a reduction in properties. It is recommended for PP fiber applications.
PV Fast Yellow H3R
PV Fast Yellow H3R is a reddish yellow pigment with excellent light fastness and heat resistance. It can also be used as shading component.
OK compost certified
PV Fast Orange H2GL
PV Fast Orange H2GL is a strong and brilliant red shade orange with excellent fastness properties and high heat stability recommended in a wide range of applications and polymers.
PV Fast Red B
PV Fast Red B is a yellowish red pigment with high purity and excellent fastness properties. It is suitable as shading pigment and recommended for a wide range of applications and polymers.
Graphtol Red LG
Graphtol Red LG is an economical yellow shade red pigment with high heat stability and good color strength. It is suitable for the coloration of consumer goods, food packaging and toys and not recommended in applications were good light fastness is required.
OK compost certified
PV Fast Red D3G
PV Fast Red D3G is a mid-shade red pigment with outstanding fastness properties in Polyolefins and PVC.
Graphtol Red F3RK 70
Graphtol Red F3RK 70 is a very strong and brilliant mid-shade red pigment with good light fastness properties and good heat stability in polyolefins.
PV Fast Red HB
PV Fast Red HB is a bright mid-shade red pigment with excellent heat resistance. It is suitable for tinting and full shade applications in a wide range of polymers.
Graphtol Red P2B
Graphtol Red P2B is a bluish red pigment exhibiting high color strength, good dispersibility and fastness properties. A highly economical pigment suitable for injection moulding, extrusion, film blowing and PP fibre applications.
PV Fast Red HF4B
PV Fast Red HF4B is a bluish red pigment with high light fastness. It is suitable for combinations with iron oxide red for artificial leather in the automotive sector.
PV Fast Red E5B
PV Fast Red E5B is a bluish red shade version of Pigment Violet 19.
It has an excellent heat resistance, light and weathering fastness.
Graphtol Rubine L4B
Graphtol Rubine L4B is an economical bluish red pigment with excellent dispersibility. It is recommended for cable, film and fibre application.
OK compost certified
PV Fast Pink E
PV Fast Pink E is a bluish red pigment with excellent fastness properties and outstanding dispersibility. Suitable for high-end applications and for most plastics. Recommended for fibre, film and thin-wall applications.
PV Fast Violet RL
PV Fast Violet RL is a very strong and brilliant violet pigment with very high fastness levels. It is not recommended as tinting component but in combination with phthalocyanine pigments it is possible to match navy shades economically. 
OK compost certified
PV Fast Blue A4R
PV Fast Blue A4R is a reddish blue pigment with very good fastness properties. It is an universal pigment with applications in most polymers.
OK compost certified
PV Fast Blue BG

PV Fast Blue BG is a greenish blue pigment with excellent fastness and dispersion properties. A versatile pigment with applications in all polymers.

PV Fast Blue BG is also recommended for the coloration of personal care products and cosmetics, meeting the requirements for cosmetic ingredients in EU (CI 74160) and Japan (Blue No. 404)

OK compost certified
PV Fast Green GNX
PV Fast Green GNX is an organic green pigment with excellent fastness and dispersion properties. It is suitable for most plastics.
PV Fast Brown HFR
PV Fast Brown HFR is a red shade organic brown pigment with high fastness properties. It is distinguished by its excellent weather fastness.


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