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Clariant brand stories

In our brand stories, we report on news that impacts the brand. We show best practices and promote dialogue between the brand and those who use it. We are always looking for new stories about the brand and are open to suggestions. Do you have one? If so, send us an e-mail:


Latest story

Using user profiles to create E-mail signatures

Don't waste time by editing your E-mail sender information individually. Brandic allows you to create an E-mail signature by using your User Profile in Word.

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Clarity in motion

The importance of motion content has increased over the past few years due to digitization. Motion brings a brand alive, makes storytelling easier, and quickly delivers a lot of information time to the viewer. What makes motion even more essential is the fact that moving images are more likely to capture attention. So there is more potential to create content that excites the viewer rather than a simple image.

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Handling user profiles and company data

Creating and sending personalized MS Word documents is part of our daily business. Don't waste your time by searching for sender data manually or importing data from foreign directories to complete your footer in your document.

Learn how Brandic uses a simplified workflow entering personal employee and company data while creating and sending Clariant Documents.

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More stories

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The C-Badge forms the layout grid
A layout is always a composition of elements.

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A story of change and reduction
Discover our top ten of most crucial changes in our corporate design.

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What does clarity mean today?
This question came up at the beginning of the design update.

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