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At Clariant, Discover Value isn't just some claim we bandy about—it lies at the heart of everything we do. It guides us as scientists, aids us as explorers, and inspires us as storytellers. It is the driving force motivating us to look deeper and discover something new for ourselves, for our clients, for our shareholders, and for the world around us. Let us take you to our world of chemistry to see how modern solutions and revolutionary products can change our life. Start a story with a click, dig deeper — and Discover Value.

Discover Value stories from around the world

  • Genamin Gluco 50

    Bringing healthy colors TO OUR LITTLE ONES

    Protecting our children is what we do as parents. We don’t want to expose them to unsuitable surroundings. That goes for a kindergarten as well as at home. Children should be as carefree exploring indoors on a rainy day as they are out in the sunshine. So we need to ensure that their indoor world is safe and healthy. more

  • TexCare®


    We love to keep on wearing our favorite things, so we wash them more frequently. At the same time, frequent washing gradually damages them. Can innovative detergents break this vicious cycle by not only cleaning fabrics but maintaining them, too? more

  • Discover HiFormer.


    Being aware of what we use and consume is no passing trend. Integrating sustainability in plastics begins by questioning the entire process: From consulting and chemistry to engineering and service. Rethinking the status quo is essential for change. But how can we optimize complex processes? more

  • Sustainable Additives


    Clariant provides a wide range of innovative and sustainable additives, from flame retardants (Exolit), to waxes (Ceridust and Licocene) to performance additives (AddWorks and Hostavin). Discover these high performing little helpers and their contribution to a safe home. more

  • GlucoPure

    Discover Value. Discover GlucoPure. WHAT IF GREEN CLEANS?

    A day in the life of a swamped kitchen in Germany's cultural capital Berlin. Eating out is one of life’s great pleasures. But most of us have never been behind the scenes and seen what it’s really like to work in a professional kitchen. What goes into every plate before it hits the table, what standards must be met – and what do kitchen professionals expect and require from the cleaning products they use? more

  • Veritrax™


    Volatility of oil prices has oil companies updating production processes and leveraging automation to reduce costs. The flexible VERITRAX™ system takes advantage of automation and cloud-based technology to reduce windshield time and increase safety through intelligent chemical supply chain management. more

  • Discover Synergen™ ME


    Nature gives us a lot our daily challenge is to use it sustainably. About 10% of the Earth’s surface is suitable for efficient agricultural use. This limited area has to feed the world’s population—which is constantly growing by about 80 million people each year. That is only possible if harvests increase consistently. How can we achieve this? We visited a farmer and spoke to him about the challenges he faces every day in his fields. more

  • ED Pigments

    Moving forward through sustainable colors

    On the road to eco-friendliness, we tend to take those things for granted that cross our path every day. Take road markings, for example. We’ve become so accustomed to having them point us in the right direction—and keep us safe—that we only miss them when they are not there. To prevent millions of tons of paints and pigments from being needed to demarcate lanes, how can we produce paints sustainably when the demand is so high? more

  • Discover Invoque


    Clariant introduces INVOQUE®, a unique mineral-based performance dewatering system for the mining, coastal and riverine dredging and tunneling sectors. INVOQUE® has been designed to deliver superior technical, cost and environmental performance. more

  • The story behind GlucoTain®

    Discover GlucoTain®. HOW SHOULD CLEAN FEEL FOR YOU?

    It is about time to give your hair and skin something back. Whether it’s the heat, cold, stress or UV-rays, our skin and hair are tasked daily with the most demanding job in the world: protecting us from daily cleansing routines and countless environment stressors. more

  • Quinacridone

    Building the future. How an architect designs a sustainable world.

    Sustainability means taking care of our environment—for the sake of the world that we live in. And it also means developing something that is relevant in the future. Architects like Sebastian Eilert and his team shape our world with sustainable solutions. What do creatives like him demand from coloring products when it comes to performance and responsibility? more

  • Discover Low Emission Technology.


    The planet is changing and there’s no denying that our bad habits have made their contribution. But there is a way we can activate our environmental responsibility again: Innovative technologies can reduce emissions. New materials can conserve scarce resources. And central to all this is the will, not only to demand sustainability, but to create it. more

  • EcoTain®

    Protecting the most precious resource: OUR FUTURE

    The journey to a better tomorrow starts by addressing challenges today. We live in a world today faced with a growing number of critical issues and increasing demands. At Clariant, we see ourselves on a long journey. A journey, on which we meet challenges through changes to our way of thinking—and to our way of acting at every level from the individual, environmental and societal to the economic. more

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