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Elemental Analysis and Chemical Properties

Determination of trace metals in various matrices and wide spectrum of titration and wet-chemical methods for qualitative and quantitative product characterization

Elemental Analysis

  • State of the art instruments for sample preparation via microwave assisted digestion of various sample types and sensitive determination with ICP-OES, ICP-MS, flow injection mercury system
  • Determination of organic elemental composition (CHNOS) with an elemental analyser
  • Determination of total organic carbon (TOC), dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and total nitrogen (TN) in aqueous solutions

Determination of Chemical Properties

  • Broad portfolio of titration methods for organic and inorganic substances
  • Determination of chemical numbers, e. g. acid number, saponification number, ester number, hydroxyl number, iodine number, peroxide number
  • Determination of colour numbers, e. g. Hazen (APHA), Gardner, Iodine
  • Sample separation techniques, e. g. preparative ion-exchanger columns, silica gel column, various solid-liquid and liquid-liquid extraction methods
  • Qualitative and quantitative UV/VIS spectroscopy
  • Solubility in water and organic solvents, n-octanol-water partition coefficient (logP) by shake flask method

Innovation Enablers

  • Determination of active content and by-products in new synthesis routes development
  • Reaction monitoring during synthesis
  • Composition analysis for product registration and REACH
  • Determination of elemental composition for evaluation and interpretation of biodegradation studies of new products
  • Supplemental information for composition analysis of e. g. polymers
  • Prevention of consumer safety risks by toxic or sensitizing heavy metals

Analytical Techniques for Elemental Analysis and Chemical Properties

  • Microwave assisted digestion
  • Mercury analyser (FIMS)
  • Elemental analyser (CHNOS)
  • TOC/DOC/TN analyser
  • Potentiometric and visual titration methods
  • Water determination
  • Dry residue determination
  • UV/VIS spectrophotometer
  • Colorimeter
  • Turbidimeter


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