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Quantitative Analysis

Targeted analysis of raw materials, intermediates and final products to determine purity profiles

Separation and Quantification of Complex Mixtures

  • All types of chromatographic separation techniques available (e.g. gas-, liquid-, ion chromatography) 
  • Broad range of highly sensitive and selective detection systems (e.g. HS-GC, GC-ECD, MS)
  • High expertise to develop tailored methods for all kind of product compositions

Ultra Trace Analysis of Chemicals in Formulations and Materials 

  • Reliable and validated results for target analytes down to the ppb level with GC/MS or LC/MS (QQQ)
  • Target quantification in difficult matrices
  • Target quantitative analysis with qNMR, Titration, Elemental Analysis (ICP, CHNOS), UV/VIS and many more

Innovation Enablers

  • Determine chemicals of concern for registration down to the necessary limit of quantification
  • Development of fast chromatographic methods for usage in R&D, process up-scale and production

Analytical Techniques for Quantitative Analysis

  • HPLC (UV/VIS, DAD, ELSD, CAD, RI, FLD, single quad MS, triple quad MS)
  • GC (FID, ECD, TCD, HS-GC, single quad MS)
  • IC (Conductivity, UV/VIS)
  • qNMR (400 MHz)
  • Titrations (acid-base, redox, complexometric, …)
  • Elemental analysis (ICP, CHNOS)
  • GPC


Quantitative Analysis Technical Sheets

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