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FAQs Proposal Submission

From the submission process to privacy policies, you'll find all the answers to your Open Innovation questions here

How does the submission process work?

The submission process is quick and easy. Create an account on the Clariant website, give a short non-confidential description of your idea (a possible solution or unmet need within the Open Innovation Challenges and Technology Focus Fields), attach any documents you have, and you're ready to submit!

If my submission does not fit into one of the focus fields, can I still submit it?

Typically we are interested in submissions related to the current Open Innovation Challenges and Technology Focus Fields. If you have an idea related to another topic outside of the current Open Innovation Focus Field, please refer to our Technology Platforms in case it fits to one of those four areas.

What type of business deal or benefits could result from my submission?

Your submission could benefit in several ways if we consider it to be a good fit to our current Open Innovation needs. These areas include funding, business or technical mentorship, access to industry and regional markets, and use of our upscaling facilities. If we think collaboration could be mutually beneficial, we will approach you with an appropriate proposal. These proposals will be made on a case-by-case basis.






What information does Clariant need in order to evaluate my submission?

In the initial stage we are only interested in non-confidential information. Your submitted data should give us an overview of your idea, so we can determine whether it fits into our portfolio, and whether we can help you realize the idea. To do so we need at least the title and a short description of your idea.


Does it matter whether my idea is patented or not?

It doesn't matter whether your idea is already patented or not as we can foresee several different collaboration approaches. The collaboration approach will be selected on a case-by-case basis and agreed upon by both parties. Please keep in mind that all your submissions have to be non-confidential.

Will Clariant sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before I share my input?

The initial exchange will always be on a non-confidential basis. Once we agree on sharing confidential information a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be the first step.

Who will review my submission, and how long will it take?

After your submission we conduct an initial check to see whether it applies to our overall criteria. Then, we distribute the submission internally to our dedicated experts who will have a closer look at it. Our goal is to give you initial feedback within 15 working days.

Is there a limit on the number of submissions?

No, we are happy to receive multiple submissions from one person or group, but we appreciate quality over quantity.

If Clariant likes my submission, what happens next?

We will get in direct contact with you. If you are still interested in collaborating with us at that point in time, we will start with a Non-Disclosure Agreement and evaluate how we should proceed from there.

For what reasons might Clariant decline to pursue my submission?

Your submission might not be selected for a few reasons: If it does not fit to our current Open Innovation Focus Field, if it is not considered to be innovative, or if it is out of scope, we will decide not to pursue your submission. For all innovative submissions that do not fit to our current Open Innovation Focus Fields, we will decline accordingly via email.

What does Clariant do with personal information that I provide during my submission?

Your personal data and submitted information will be stored in our system. For details read our privacy policy  If your submission is not pursued at this time, we may contact you in the future should it become a good fit for our future Open Innovation needs. 

How do you proceed once you are interested in my submission? How can I be assured my input won't be taken?

We understand Open Innovation as a give and take, which always needs to result in a win-win situation. Therefore, the process needs to be transparent. Initially, you should not share any confidential information. Should you wish to find out more details about your submission we will contact you, and then sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before proceeding further.

Does it matter where in the world I am based?

No! As a global player with offices around the world, we are happy to work with anyone no matter where they are located.

If I am a small company, how will I be treated? How does Clariant collaborate with smaller partners?

We're open to valuable input from companies or organizations of all sizes – even from individuals. We recognize that small companies or individuals often hesitate to collaborate with larger companies due to intellectual property concerns. Rest assured that we act fairly towards anyone who approaches us.

We are happy to discuss potential projects, challenges or collaboration ideas
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