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Chemistry & Materials


Chemistry and materials are at the heart of the specialty chemicals industry. We translate unmet market needs into leading-edge technologies and chemical product solutions. Coordinated from our flagship, the Clariant Innovation Center, we develop our R&D footprint in fast-growing regions and drive innovation by leveraging international scientific expertise and creativity. Our chemical know-how is clustered in the four Competence Centers Surfactants, Specialty Polymers, Colorants & Functional Chemicals, and Interface & Formulation Technology. 

  • Design of functional chemicals and new polymeric systems, development of bio-based surfactants, and application of physical and chemical crystal engineering
  • Production of new surface effects
  • Improvement of chromophores
  • Offering of tailored rheology of disperse systems
  • Controlling of emulsification and demulsification

Furthermore, Clariant Analytical Services (CLAS) is a service provider for analytics with the focus on chemical-physical investigations and physical measurements.

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