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Credit Rating and Debt Information

Clariant targets to reach and defend a solid investment rating. In this section, we provide information about our credit rating as well as our bonds. This includes a green bond, which was issued under the Clariant Green Financing Framework.


Issue CHF 2024 Bond CHF 2026 Bond CHF 2027 Bond  CHF 2027 Bond CHF 2028 Bond  CHF 2031 Bond
ISIN code CH0253592759 CH0469273541 CH1331113501  CH1210198144 CH1290870901  CH1331113519
Valor symbol and number  CLN14, 25359275  CLN19, 46927354  CLN241, 133111350 CLN22, 121019814  CLN23, 129087090 CLN243, 133111351
Exchange  SIX Swiss Exchange  SIX Swiss Exchange  SIX Swiss Exchange   SIX Swiss Exchange  SIX Swiss Exchange  SIX Swiss Exchange 
Amount  CHF 160 million  CHF 200 million  CHF 200 million  CHF 175 million  CHF 150 million  CHF 150 million 
Structure  Senior unsecured  Senior unsecured  Senior unsecured   Senior unsecured  Senior unsecured   Senior unsecured 
Issued  October 2014  April 2019  March 2024
September 2022  September 2023  March 2024 
Coupon  2 1/8 %  1 1/8 %  2.375 %
2.717 %  2.750 %  2.750 % 
Maturity  17 October 2024  15 April 2026  30 March 2027
24 September 2027  22 September 2028  28 March 2031

Green Financing

Green Financing exactly fits Clariant’s focus on sustainability as part of its purpose-led growth strategy and the Group sees this financing option as a key contributing factor to reaching the company’s goals. Continuously steering environmental performance towards increased sustainability is a clear priority for Clariant. With the vision of becoming climate neutral by 2050, the Group has set ambitious targets and has also identified the means by which to reach these goals.

The Green Financing Framework provides an opportunity for investors to learn about Clariant’s journey towards reaching its goals and also explains how the Group drives positive transformation within the specialty chemistry industry. Through this Framework, Clariant may issue different green financing instruments including, but not limited to, Green Bonds and Green Loans. The proceeds of such Green Finance Securities issues will be exclusively allocated to “Eligible Assets” which promote the transition towards a low-carbon and environmentally sustainable society.

More information on Clariant’s Green Financing is available on the right. Please feel free to contact Investor Relations with any additional questions.

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