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Home and household care

The home and household care industry relies on effective and efficient cleaning products to keep homes clean and comfortable. Detergent additives, laundry and cleaning surfactants, and wax additives are crucial components in these products. Detergent additives improve the cleaning ability of laundry detergents and dishwashing liquids, while laundry and cleaning surfactants help to remove dirt and stains. Wax additives are used in cleaning products to enhance shine and provide protection against scratches and stains. With the demand for ecologically-responsible products increasing, the industry is also focusing on developing more environmentally-compatible options for these additives.

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Corporate Sustainability
Going full circle — Circular Economy
At Clariant we are committed to supporting the vision of a more circular economy through sustainable and innovative chemistry
Going full circle — Circular Economy
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Our own vision of climate neutrality
We take our role in preventing this scenario seriously. Thus we developped the vision to become climate neutral by 2050