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Antifrogen® N

Heat Transfer Fluid

Edition Date :
April 03, 2022

Antifrogen® N is a liquid, tinted pale yellow, for use as a heat transfer medium in closed hot water heating systems, heat pumps and as cooling brine in industrial refrigeration equipment. Antifrogen® N is not suitable for the use in food or pharmaceutical applications. Alternatively, the use of Antifrogen® L is recommended. The product is inhibited without the use of nitrites-, amines-, borates-, silicates- and phosphates. The optimization of the corrosion inhibition system was performed without the use of CMR-substances (cancerogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic).

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Antifrogen® N was developed for use as a heat transfer and refrigerating medium. Its antifreeze action is based on monoethylene glycol, which with its high boiling point of about 198 °C prevents loss by evaporation.
The frost resistance of the mixture does not change even after many years use, provided the Antifrogen® N concentration remains constant. Furthermore phase separation of Antifrogen® N/water mixtures does not occur.
Product Function
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Heat & Cooling transfer
  • Heating & Cooling


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Antifrogen® N

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Flash point (DIN51758)  °C 119
Ignition temperature (DIN 51794)  °C 410
Temperature class (DIN/VDE 0165)    T2 

The lethal dose for humans can be assumed to be 100 ml taken at once. In the majority of reported cases of poisoning cerebral damage and pulmonary edemas in particular have been observed besides renal damage.
Ethylene glycol, the product on which Antifrogen® N is based, is classified in water hazard class WGK 1 (slightly water-polluting) according to the list of water-polluting substances (VwVwS from 17.05.1999). This also applies to mixtures of Antifrogen® N with water.
In concentrations up to 1000 mg/l, Antifrogen® N/water mixtures show no acute harmful effects on fish and bacteria. They are readily biodegradable.

Technical Data

Density at 20°C (DIN 51757) 




Refractive index at 20°C (DIN 51423, Part 2)  



pH-Value undiluted (DIN 51369)    

approx. 8.5

Reserve alcalinity (ASTIM D 1121)  

ml c (HCI) 0.1m

at least 4

Boiling point at 1013mbar (ASTM D 1120)  


approx. 166

Pour point (DIN 51597)  


approx. -32

Kinematic viscosity (DIN 51562)



approx. 20

Specific heat



approx. 2.4

Thermal conductivity



. 0.29 


Antifrogen N was developed for use as a heat transfer and refrigerating medium. Its antifreeze action is based on monoethylene glycol, which with its high boiling point of about 198 °C prevents loss by evaporation.

  • Hot water heating systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Refrigeration circuits
  • Gravity systems


According to our experience Antifrogen® N can be used in installations for many years. However, the Antifrogen® N concentration in the installation should be checked annually. This check is also advisable when the installation is topped up with liquid. Distributors have Antifrogen® N antifreeze testers for this purpose.
The performance of the Antifrogen® N/water mixture should also be checked at intervals of one to two years. If a 250 ml sample is provided, the distributors can also perform this service.

Antifrogen® N is supplied by our Antifrogen® distributors in road tankers, intermediate bulk containers (IBC, 1100 kg), non-returnable corrugated drums (230 kg) and diverse small containers. Further information about our Antifrogen® distributors you can find on our homepage .
Antifrogen® N has a storage stability of two years, if stored in closed ori-ginal packaging. Since zinc is not resistant to Antifrogen® N, this should be considered when the product is transferred to other containers.

Certification and Approvals

Clariant declares that all of its products marketed in the EU, i.e. substances, preparations or articles within meaning the Article 3, Section 1-3 of Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and the Council of 18.12.2006 (REACH), hereinafter referred to as „substances“ are delivered in accordance with all applicable chemical laws, with special references to the Reach Regulations (EC).

Antifrogen® N/water mixtures have neither a flash point nor a fire point.
Spent Antifrogen® N/water mixtures can be disposed of in accordance with local regulations. According to the 2nd general administrative regulation relating to the German waste management act of 10.04.1990, reuse is preferable to disposal. The product is recyclable.
Antifrogen® N contains more than 90 % ethylene glycol together with some water and organic and inorganic additives, which are present in a well balanced combination and act as corrosion inhibitors with a long-lasting effect.
Antifrogen® N is harmful to humans and animals if swallowed. Consult a doctor immediately if the product is swallowed inadvertently.

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