Antifrogen® SOL HT

A ready-to-use solution for solar heating systems based on higher boiling glycols.

Edition Date :
September 24, 2018

Antifrogen® SOL HT is a physiologically harmless, yellowish, clear liquid based on an aqueous solution of higher boiling glycols, which is used as a heat transfer medium in solar heating systems, also those exposed to high thermal loads. The product is inhibited without the use of nitrites-, borates-, silicates- and phosphates. It meets the requirements of DIN 4757, part 3, for solar heating systems. The optimization of the corrosion inhibition system was performed without the use of CMR-substances (cancerogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic).

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  • Benefits

    • Based on higher boiling glycols plus anti-corrosion additives
    • Permanent usage temperatures: approx. -23 to +200 °C
    • Premixed with deionized water (frost resistance: approx. -23 °C)
    • Typical applications: Solar heating systems, even highly stressed collectors with vacuum tubes resp. solar heating systems exposed to high thermal loads
    • Water hazard class WGK 1 (slightly water-polluting)
  • MSDS and TDS

    Flash point (DIN 51758) °C > 105 (not determinded)
    Ignition temperature (DIN 51794)  °C  > 420 
    Temperature class (DIN/VDE 0165)     T2

    Antifrogen® SOL HT has neither a flash point nor a fire point.

    Spent Antifrogen® SOL HT can be disposed of in accordance with local regulations. According to the 2nd general administrative regulation relating to the German waste management act of 10.04.1990, reuse is preferable to disposal. The product is recyclable. Higher boiling glycols, the product on which Antifrogen® SOL HT is based, is classified in water hazard class WGK 1 (slightly water-polluting) according to the list of water-polluting substances (VwVwS from 17.05.1999).
  • Technical Data

    Density at 20°C (DIN 51757) 




    Refractive index at 20°C (DIN 51423, Part 2)  



    pH-Value undiluted (DIN 51369)    


    Reserve alcalinity (ASTIM D 1121)  

    ml c (HCI) 0.1m

    at least 4

    Boiling point at 1013mbar (ASTM D 1120)  


    approx. 105

    Pour point (DIN 51597)  


    approx. -28

    Kinematic viscosity (DIN 51562)



    approx. 7.4
    approx. 1.44

    Freezing Point (ASTM D 1177)


    approx. 23

    Specific heat



    approx. 3.2

    Thermal conductivity



    approx. 0.36 

    Specific electrical conductivity




  • Application

    Antifrogen® SOL HT was developed especially for use as a heat transfer medium in solar systems. The product is physiologically harmless.

  • Handling

    According to our experience Antifrogen® SOL HT can be used in installations for many years. However, the Antifrogen® SOL HT concentration in the installation should be checked annually. This check is also advisable when the installation is topped up with liquid. The reference source for Brix refractometer and Antifrogen data slider can be provided upon request.
    The performance of the Antifrogen® SOL HT should also be checked at intervals of two years. If a 250 ml sample is provided, the distributors can also perform this service. 

    Antifrogen ® SOL HT is supplied by our Antifrogen® distributors in road tankers, non-returnable corrugated drums (220 kg), intermediate bulk containers (IBC, 1050 kg), and diverse small containers. Further information about our Antifrogen® distributors you can find on our homepage .
    Antifrogen® SOL HT has a storage stability of two years if stored in closed original packaging. As zinc is not resistant to Antifrogen® SOL HT, this should be considered when the product is transferred to other containers.

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