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Polyglykol A 01/1500

Polyglykol Allyether

Edition Date :
August 10, 2020
Polyglykol A 01/1500 is a polyglycol allyether (A-PAG) which can be directly polymerized.


  • Cost and time efficient
  • Low water content


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Polyglykol A 01/1500

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For regulatory details such as the classification and labelling as dangerous substances or goods please refer to our corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet.

Technical Data

Molar weight [g/mol]  1500
Density at 20°C [g/cm³] 0.98
Viscosity at 20°C [mPa·s] ca. 180
Pour point [°C] ca. -40
OH value [Mg KOH/g] 35-41
Water content max. 0.3%


Polyglykol A 01/1500 is used in the production of 3rd generation superplasticizers. It can be polymerized directly to polycarboxylate superplasticizers which are used as high performance water reducing agent and slump retention additives for concrete and mortar.

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