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Biocide for in-can preservation

Nipacide CFX 4

Nipacide CFX 4 is an in-can biocide based on formaldehyde + chloromethyl and methylisothiazolinone. 

Nipacide CFX 4 is a water-based low toxicity isothiazolinone/ formaldehyde donor biocide, developed for the complete in-can and head space protection of water-based products. Nipacide CFX 4 is effective against a wide range of microorganisms including gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeast and fungi.

When products are prone to surface contamination by fungi and head space protection is required, Nipacide CFX 4 should be the biocide of choice. Nipacide CFX 4 is effective against a wide range of spoilage organisms and pH stable up to pH 9 and temperature stable up to 40 °C.
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