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Polyglykol MA 3000/55

Polyglycol Methacyrlate

Edition Date :
January 09, 2019
Polyglykol MA 3000/55 is a mono methacrylic acid ester of the correspending polyglycol.


  • Cost and time efficient
  • Reduced complexity


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Polyglykol MA 3000/55

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Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet to have the complete and very latest safety information.                                                                    

Technical Data

Molar mass [g/mol] 3000
Density at 20°C [g/cm³] 1.09
Viscosity at 20°C [mPa·s] 150-250
Solidification point [°C] <-30
OH value [Mg KOH/g] 16-21
Water content 43-47


Polyglykol MA 3000/55 is a raw material for 3rd generation superplasticizers.


Delivery form: aqueous solution