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Corrosion inhibitor

Protectogen® C Aqua

Protectogen® C aqua is a yellowish, water-soluble, glycol-free liquid which contains a highly efficient combination of corrosion inhibitors. The product is inhibited without the use of nitrite, amine, borate, phosphate, and silicate. The optimization of the corrosion inhibition system was performed without the use of CMR-substances ( C ancerogenic M utagenic R eprotoxic). According to the formulation, Protectogen® C aqua does not contain any restricted substances as described in the EG-guideline 2011/65/EG (RoHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances), article 4 §1 like lead, mercury, cadmium, chromate VI, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE).

Protectogen C aqua is a glycol free corrosion inhibitor concentrate for cold water systems with closed heating or cooling circuits without frost protection. Protectogen C aqua contains a highly efficient combination of inhibitors providing a long-lasting corrosion protection in your installations.


Product details
Product Function
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Heating & Cooling

It has been found that Protectogen ® C aqua/water-mixtures can be used in installations for many years.
The performance of the Protectogen ® C aqua/water-mixture should be checked at intervals of two years. If a 250 ml sample is provided the distributors can perform this service.
Protectogen® C aqua is delivered undiluted and should always be diluted with water. The concentration of Protectogen® C aqua in water should be 1.5 % v/v. That means that 1.5 l Protectogen® C aqua will be added into 98.5 l water. The water used to dilute Protectogen® C aqua shall contain no more than 100 mg/kg (ppm) chloride. This should be borne in mind particularly if systems contain components made of aluminum or aluminum alloys. A wide range of water hardness is acceptable (between 0 and 20° GH). This means that in addition to fully deionized water ordinary tap water may be used.
Protectogen® C aqua is especially suitable for the use in cold water sets which do not require frost protection, i.e. in a temperature range from approx. +5 to +95 °C. This mixture does not offer any frost resistance and it is therefore not suitable for outdoor applications in winter. For protection from frost please use our products Antifrogen® N, L, SOL HT or KF.
By adding Protectogen® C aqua the specific heat transfer abilities of water will not be influenced significantly at all.
Protectogen® C aqua can also be added in closed heating systems if the possibility of oxygen access through seals or plastic elements can not be avoided.

Service & Monitoring
The data in our service report relate solely to the sample sent to us. Guidance on further use of the product tested assum es that the system is in proper condition and properly operated. We expressly point out that, particularly where corrosion or scale is already present in the system, interactions with the product may occur with unpredictable consequences.
We accept no liability whatever for any damage resulting from the improper condition or operation of the system.
Find more information under: Antifrogen Analyse Service (
Certification and Approvals
Clariant declares that all of its products marketed in the EU, i.e. substances, preparations or articles within meaning the article 3, section 1-3 of regulation (EC) 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and the council of 18.12.2006 (REACH), hereinafter referred to as “substances” are delivered in accordance with all applicable chemical laws, with special references to the REACH-regulation (EC).

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Protectogen® C Aqua

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