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Safewing® MP I 1938 ECO (80)

Type I aircraft deicing fluid

Edition Date :
April 01, 2022
Safewing® MP I 1938 ECO (80) is a modern propylene glycol-based type I deicing fluid. It meets and exceeds the requirements of the latest revision of AMS 1424.


  • Low foaming application ensures easy identification of remaining frozen deposits on the wing
  • Excellent wetting ability avoids re-icing of already treated surfaces
  • Improved inhibitor package allows the use of fluid dilutions with water of different quality
  • Fully biodegradable additive package, low surfactant content and triazole-free formulation gives superior environmental profile
Product Function
  • De-icing Fluid
  • Ground and air support
  • Airport Operations & Maintenance
  • Aviation Services


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Safewing® MP I 1938 ECO (80)

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Safewing™ MP I 1938 ECO (80) has an outstanding spraying behavior with almost no foaming and excellent wetting ability.
Therefore, the minimum requirement of the water spray endurance time test (3 minutes) is exceeded by far.



Safewing™ MP I 1938 ECO (80) contains a low amount of surfactant and a fully biodegradable, triazole-free corrosion inhibitor package leading to a superior environmental profile.
 Aquatic toxicity
LC50 (Vibrio fisheri, 30 min, DIN EN ISO 11348-2)  7.0 g/L 
EC50  (Daphnia magna, 48 h, OECD 202) >10 g/L
EC0  (Bacteria, 3 h, OECD 209) >10 g/L


Safewing™ MP I 1938 ECO (80) is not critical to heating and can be stored during the winter season at high temperatures (up to +90 °C). Nevertheless, evaporation of water has to be avoided. Safewing™ MP I 1938 ECO (80) contains an especially developed inhibitor package which allows the use of almost any tap water even with high hardness while minimizing the formation of precipitates in the fluid.

Certification and Approvals

Safewing™ MP I 1938 ECO (80) is certified according to the latest revision of AMS 1424. Among this international standard, Safewing™ MP I 1938 ECO (80) is certified and  approved by many airlines around the world.

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