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Speciality emulsifier for rolling emulsions

Emulsogen 5781

Emulsogen 5781 is a polymeric surfactant, particularly recommended to be used as as nonionic emulsifier in rolling emulsions.

Emulsogen 5781 is a perfect choice to stabilize a wide range of emulsions. The product forms clear solutions in all types of mineral oils, synthetic esters and vegetable oils. Due to its low HLB, Emulsogen 5781 does not form self-emulsifying systems.
  • Able to stabilize a wide range of emulsions
  • Does not form self-emulsifying systems
  • Clearly soluble in all types of mineral oils, synthetic esters and vegetable oils
Product details
Product Function
  • Nonionic emulsifier
Chemical Type
  • Polymeric emulsifiers
  • Rolling
Emulsogen 5781 is used as an nonionic emulsifier for rolling fluids.
Technical data
Technical data
Product group Polymeric surfactant
Ionicity Nonionic
pH (1% in water)
Acid value 8
Pour point -9 °C
Solubility in water dispersible
Solubility in mineral oil soluble
TGA inflection point 379 °C
TGA deposits 1.0%

Particle-Size Distribution
The stabilizing effect of Emulsogen 5781 can be demonstrated by the particle-size distribution of an emulsion (50% water) created by shearing with an Ultra-Turrax, as shown in the table below.
Emulsogen 5781 0% 0.50% 1.00% 1.50% 2.00% 2.50%
Nynaes T22 50% 49.50% 49% 48.50% 48.00% 48.50%
Particle size (μm) n.d. 255 10.6 6.6 6.4 5.7
Stability instable <24 hours <48 hours 5 days 5days 5 days

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Emulsogen 5781

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