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Emulsifier with excellent solubility in mineral oils

Emulsogen A

Emulsogen A is a fatty acid ethoxylate which is used as nonionic emulsifier in metal cutting & grinding fluids (emulsions, semi-synthetic) and rolling emulsions. It is clearly soluble in all kind of mineral oils (naphthenic, paraffinic, hydrocrack) and vegetable oils (e.g. rapeseed).
  • Excellent emulsification properties
  • Clearly oil soluble in mineral oil (naphthenic, paraffinic, hydrocrack) and vegetable oil (rapeseed)
  • High thermal stability
  • Contributes to lubrication
  • Medium lime soap dispersing properties
  • Free of hazardous label
Product details
Product Function
  • Nonionic emulsifier
Chemical Type
  • Fatty acid ethoxylates
  • Rolling
  • Metal working fluids (semi-synthetic)
  • Metal working fluids (milky-type)
  • Metalworking fluids (emulsions, semi-synthetic)
  • Rolling emulsions


Technical data
Product group Fatty acid ethoxylate
Ionicity nonionic
Cloud point (BDG solution EN 190) 47 °C 
pH (1% in water)
Acid value 3
Pour point -18 °C
Solubility in water dispersible
Solubility in mineral oil soluble
Solubility in vegetable oil soluble
TGA inflection point 384 °C
TGA deposits  0.8%

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Emulsogen A

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