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Castor oil ethoxylate

Emulsogen EL 400

Emulsogen EL products are standard NPE-free emulsifiers in various EC formulations. The products show excellent emulsification characteristics for many solvents and are not eye-irritating.
  • Excellent emulsifier
  • Not eye-irritating
  • Widely used in numerous registered formulations
  • Reliable performance
  • Target the green formulation market
  • Improved formulation labeling
  • Sustainable formulations
  • Globally applicable
  • Constant formulation properties
  • Improved toxicological profile
Product details
Chemical Name
  • castor oil based ethoxylate, 40 mol EO
Product Function
  • Nonionic emulsifier
Chemical Type
  • Castor oil ethoxylates
  • Crop protection
  • Emulsifiable concentrate
  • Suspo emulsion
  • Emulsion in water
  • Oil dispersion
For regulatory details such as the classification and labelling as dangerous substances or goods please refer to our corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet.
Formulation type EC
Product class Castor oil ethoxylate
REACH status Exempted due to polymer status
Cloud point method -
Cloud point [°C] -
Product composition Castor oil ethoxylate with 40 EO
Active content (ca.) 100%
Appearance Liquid-pasty
Water content max. 0.5%
HLB (calc.) 14
EPA exempted from tolerance under 40 CFR § 180 960
Emulsogen EL 400 is a nonionic emulsifier compound and can be used successfully in combination with anionic compound for the preparation of emulsifiable concentrates.

We can recommend as anionic emulsifier compound:
Phenylsulfonat CA
Phenylsulfonat CAL
Life Cycle

Sustainable Design

  • Friendly, non-hazardous material
  • Based on castor oil
  • Renewable share ca. 50%
  • NPEO free

Responsible Process

  • Resource efficiency due to 100% yield
  • Minimized waste generation
  • Certified for safety and quality according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Global production (Germany, Spain, China, Mexico, USA) can help to reduce transport

Safe & Efficient Use

  • Safe handling due to improved human tox profile, i.e. non-irritant to eye and skin
  • Increasing efficacy of agrochemical formulation
  • Efficient use by helping to reduce water consumption during application
  • Reliable performance with best technical quality
  • Products approved in national organic farming programs

Eco Integration

  • Improved environmental profile
  • Less effect on the aquatic life (LC50 > 100 mg/l)
  • Inherently biodegradable (>60% in 28 days according to OECD 302B)

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Emulsogen EL 400

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