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Emulsogen OG

Co-emulsifier for water-in-oil emulsions

Edition Date :
July 22, 2022
Emulsogen OG is a fatty acid ester and used as co-emulsifier in combination with nonionic emulsifier (e.g. Emulsogen M) in for milky and semisynthetic metalworking fluids based on paraffinic mineral oils. Concentrate and emulsion stability are improved by addition of 2–3%.

Emulsogen OG is used for the manufacture of high viscous to paste-like water-in-oil emulsions based on mineral oils, petroleum, fatty acid esters etc.


  • Suitable for W/O emulsions
  • Clearly oil soluble in mineral oils (naphthenic, paraffinic, hydrocrack) and vegetable oils (e.g. rapeseed),
  • Free of hazard label
Product Function
  • Nonionic emulsifier
Chemical Type
  • Fatty acid esters
  • Metal working fluids (semi-synthetic)
  • Metal working fluids (milky-type)


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Emulsogen OG

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