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Genapol BA 020

Low foaming surfactant for metal cleaners

Edition Date :
November 30, 2021
Genapol BA 020 is an ethoxylated alcohol used as an emulsifying, low foaming surfactant in metal cleaning formulations.  An aromatic ring is incorporated into the structure, which offers unique emulsification and greater solvency than typical linear or branched alcohol ethoxylates.


  • Low foaming
  • Soluble in water
  • Stable against hard water, aqueous acids and bases
  • Compatible with corrosions inhibitors such as Hostacor IT, Hostacor 2732, and Hostacor 2098
  • Excellent emulsifying properties
  • Better solvency than typical linear or branched alcohol ethoxylates
Product Function
  • Surfactant (nonionic)
Chemical Type
  • Benzyl alcohol ethoxylates
  • Metal cleaner


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Genapol BA 020

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Technical data

Product group  Benzyl alcohol ethoxylate
Cloud point (1% in water) > 100 °C
Cloud point (5g in 25g 25% BDG-solution)  81 °C
pH (1% in water) 6.0 - 8.0


  • Alkaline-type metal cleaners
  • Mild alkaline-type metal cleaners
  • Neutral spray cleaners
  • Paint removers