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Corrosion inhibitor for metal working fluids

Hostacor IS

Hostacor IS is a low foaming corrosion inhibitor mainly used in cutting & grinding fluids, in rolling emulsions and water-based hydraulic fluids (HFA-E, HFA-S).

It is a solid product and comes in acid form, offering the formulator full flexibility for neutralization. Water-soluble salts of Hostacor IS are obtained by neutralization with alkanolamines and aqueous alkali hydroxides. These are used either alone or in combination with other water-soluble corrosion inhibitors or lubricants.

Alkanolamines salts derived from Hostacor IS are excellent corrosion inhibitors for steel and show very good hard water stability. Hostacor IS is compatible with phosphoric acid esters in neutralized form, like Hordaphos MDB. Thus extreme-pressure properties of semi- and full synthetic formulations based on Hostacor IS can be adjusted.


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