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Hostagliss A

Lubricity improver for rolling emulsions and cutting & forming fluids

Edition Date :
September 20, 2022
Hostagliss A is a complex ester and can be used as lubricity improver in rolling emulsions and cutting & forming fluids. Despite its high viscosity, it can be easily incorporated into concentrates for water based emulsions. The product contributes to emulsion stability and corrosion protection when neutralized with alkanolamines.


  • Good lubricity and anti-wear properties
  • Reduces energy consumption in metal working operations    
  • Easy to emulsify
  • Corrosion inhibiting properties
  • Free of hazardous labeling
  • Broad registration status
Product Function
  • Lubricity improver
Chemical Type
  • Complex esters
  • Rolling
  • Cutting and forming fluid (neat oil)


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Hostagliss A

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Technical data

Chemical group  Complex ester, acidic
Acid value in mg KOH/g 42 – 52
Pour point -30 °C
Saponification value 188
Viscosity at 40 °C in mm2/s 900 – 1100
Viscosity at 100 °C in mm2/s 80 – 120
Viscosity index 180
Four-ball wear test: DIN 51350/3 0.3 mm
Reichert test (5% in mineral oil) 36 mm2
Reichert test (20% in mineral oil) 18 mm2


  • Rolling emulsions
  • Cutting & forming fluids

Life Cycle

Hostagliss A has been approved the EcoTain label. The product provides the benefits at each step of the product life-cycle:

Sustainable Design

  • Friendly, non-hazardous material
  • Based on vegetable sources (fatty acid)
  • Renewable share is approx. 89% 
  • Boron-free and DEA-free

Responsible Process

  • Resource efficiency due to 100% yield
  • Minimized waste generation
  • Certified for safety and quality according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Global production (Germany, USA) can help to reduce transport

Safe & Efficient Use

  • Safe handling due to improved human tox profile, i.e. non irritant to eye and skin
  • For mineral-oil free formulations
  • Reduces energy consumption in metal working operations

Eco Integration

  • Improved environmental profile
  • Less effects to the aquatic environment (LC50 > 500 mg/l)
  • Readily biodegradable (Biodegradation > 80% according to OECD 301 D)