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Emulsifier with lime soap dispersing properties

Hostapur DTC Hi Conc

Hostapur DTC Hi Conc is an ether carboxylic acid with excellent emulsification and dispersing properties. It is used for metal working fluids, fire resistant hydraulic fluids (HFA-S) and rolling emulsions.

The product is extremely stable against electrolyte and hard water. Furthermore Hostapur DTC Hi Conc shows outstanding lime soap dispersing power, being able to disperse large quantities of calcium oleate or tallate.

  • Excellent emulsification properties
  • Electrolyte and hard water stable
  • Good lime soap dispersing properties
  • Boron free
  • Free of secondary amines


Product details
Product Function
  • Anionic emulsifier
Chemical Type
  • Ether carboxylic acid
  • Rolling
  • Metal working fluids (semi-synthetic)
  • Metal working fluids (milky-type)
Technical Data
Chemical group Ether carboxylate
Ionicity Anionic
pH (% in water) 3.2
HLB 11
Acid value mg KOH/g 49.5
  • Metalworking fluids (emulsions, semi-synthetic, synthetic)
  • Fire resistant hydraulic fluids (HFA-S)
  • Rolling emulsions

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Hostapur DTC Hi Conc

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