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Natural molding sand additives for superior quality in precision castings


Natural molding sand additives for superior quality in precision castings: ECOSIL

ECOSIL lustrous carbon former adds the finishing touch, ensuring easy mold separation, improved surfaces and increased mold stability. Our unique eco-friendly technology, ECOSIL LE, drastically reduce emissions and help foundries comply with highly demanding environmental regulations and standards. This is our two-tiered Bentonite solution to provide a one-of-a-kind efficient molding system. 

Discover LE Technology

Product Data Sheet
Clariant makes an important contribution to a quicker, more environmentally-friendly green sand casting process:

  • Shorter mixing time = high throughput
  • Low emission technology
  • Smooth cast surfaces = high precision
  • Faster mold disintegration
  • Easy reuse of sand due to low contamination
  • Mechanical engineering    
  • Electrical engineering
  • Construction industry
  • Rail vehicle construction
  • Steel industry
Blend of high quality foundry bentonite and mineral coal

ECOSIL increases the stability of the mold, improves casted product quality by helping to create smooth surfaces, and speeds up mold disintegration after casting. On top of that, it minimizes emission of toxic compounds.
Mode of Action
Easy separation of cast and mold

The lustrous carbon former component of ECOSIL creates a very thin shiny carbon layer around the silica grains of the mold sand, facilitating the separation of the cast from it.

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