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Functionalized metallocene polypropylene wax

Licocene® PP MA 6452 fine grain

Licocene PP MA 6452 fine grain is a maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene wax.
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • High compatibility
  • Improves adhesion, cohesion and heat resistance when used in hot melts formulations
  • Excellent anti-slip properties when used in floor care
  • Good wetting of the fiber due to low viscosity and high polarity
  • High dimension stability of the end product
  • Low water uptake in wood and natural fiber reinforced plastics
  • High grafting level of 7 % maleic anhydride
  • Effective at low concentration
  • Almost no free maleic anhydride detectable
  • Excellent increase of the mechanical properties
The product does not require a hazard warning label according CLP regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, as amended).
For further information please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Delivery Specifications and (*) General Properties
Characteristics   Unit   Target value   Test method 
Appearance    yellowish fine grain QM-AA-634  
Acid value  [mg KOH/g]   37 - 45   QM-AA-351a  
Viscosity  [mPa·s] 800 - 1400 QM-AA-158 at 170 °C
Softening Point  [°C] 141 - 147 ASTM D 3104
*Density (23°C)  [g/cm³] ~ 0,93 ISO 1183
Licocene PP MA 6452 fine grain is a Maleic anhydride grafted, Metallocene catalyzed Polypropylene wax. The excellent adhesion and compatibility makes the Licocene PP MA 6452 fine grain a perfect fit for fiber coatings where it acts as an adhesion promoter and coupling agent.

Emulsified, it offers excellent anti slip properties in floor care. Water based emulsions are also used as a release agent for metal die-casting.

Used in hot melt formulations, Licocene PP MA 6452 fine grain offers improved adhesion and cohesion combined with a high heat resistance. 

Licocene PP MA 6452 fine grain is a highly efficient compatibilizer and dispersing aid for glass- natural-, mineral- and wood fiber reinforced Polypropylene as well as for inorganic filled Polypropylene compounds especially for highly filled compounds.
Packaging and Handling
Delivery form
Fine grain
The product is also available in other physical form.

Polyethylene bag 15 kg
Pallet 750 kg (50 bags)

For best shelf life store this product in a dry area at normal ambient temperatures.
Minimum shelf life is 2 years from the date of shipping when properly stored.

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Licocene® PP MA 6452 fine grain

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