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Acid wax

Licowax® LP flakes

Licowax  LP flakes is a montanic acid wax.

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Product Data Sheet
  • Aid in emulsification of paraffin
  • Release and protection properties
  • Easy to handle, emulsifiable in open vessel
The product does not require a hazard warning label according CLP regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, as amended).
For further information please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Delivery Specifications and (*) General Properties

Characteristics   Unit   Target value   Test method 
Appearance    yellowish flakes   QM-AA-634  
Acid value  [mg KOH/g]   113 - 130   ISO 2114  
Saponification value  [mg KOH/g]   140 - 170   ISO 3681  
Drop point  [°C]   82 - 89   ISO 2176  
*Viscosity  [mPa·s]   ~ 20   DIN 53019 at 100°C  
*Density (23°C)  [g/cm³] ~ 1.01 ISO 1183

Hard acid wax for anionic emulsions for polish and industrial applications.

Highly suitable for the manufacture of highly concentrated, fine dispersions with a relatively high proportion of paraffins and microwaxes.

Packaging and Handling

Delivery form

Polyethylene bag 20 kg
Pallet 1000 kg (50 bags)

For best shelf life store this product in a dry area at normal ambient temperatures.
Minimum shelf life is two years from the date of shipping when properly stored.

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Licowax® LP flakes

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