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Odourless, high viscousity liquid with strong hygroscopic properties

Polyphosphoric acid 84%

Polyphosphoric acids are odourless, high viscousity liquids with strong hygroscopic properties. Phosphoric acids with < 95% H3PO4 (68% P2O5) contain the simple orthophosphoric acid. At higher concentrations the acid consists of a mixture of ortho, pyro, tri, tetra and highly condensed phosphoric acids. For this reason acids with a concentration > 68% P2O5 are commonly known as polyphosphoric acids. Polyphosphoric acids are miscible with water, hydrolysing to orthophosphoric acid with the generation of heat. They are insoluble in hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons.

  • Wide variety of applications as a reagent in the chemical industry
  • Powerful dehydrating agent for organic synthesis
  • Intermediate for production of phosphate esters with high mono-ester content
For regulatory details such as the classification and labelling as dangerous substances or goods please refer to our corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet.

As stated in the safety data sheet of the substance the use “industrial manufacture of screening smoke ammunition or smoke payloads” is advised against within the EU according to the REACH regulation. Therefore, every manufacturer of smoke ammunition or smoke payloads is obliged to create a chemical safety assessment for these uses and to inform the ECHA accordingly.

Hazard class Hazard category        H-phrase
Skin corrosionCategory 1BCauses severe skin burns and eye damage
Characteristics   Unit   Target value   DS¹)TD²)Test method 
Appearance (at 20°C)   viscous liquid  

Visual evaluation; (11/43)  
Phosphorus Pentoxide  %(w/w)   83.5 - 84.5  

Titration using alkaline; (11/11)  
Phosphoric Acid  %(w/w)   approx. 116  

Arsenic  ppm   max. 120  

ICP - OES or AAS; (11/28 or 11/18)  
Lead  ppm   max. 1  

ICP - OES or AAS; (11/28 or 11/18)  
Iron  ppm   max. 30  

ICP - OES or photometry; (11/28 or 11/17)  
Density  g/cm³   approx. 2.06  

at 20 °C  
Viscosity  Pa*s approx. 0.8  

at 100 °C  
Solidification Point  °C   < 0  

¹) Delivery specification: The product is constantly monitored to ensure that it adheres to the specified values. Test methods: Clariant method numbers in brackets.
²) Technical data: The technical data are used solely to describe the product and are not subject to regular monitoring. For further information, please consult our standard delivery specification  
Polyphosphoric acids are useful as reagents in the chemical industry:

Organic synthesis
Polyphosphoric acid can be used as a reagent for cyclisation / ring closures in such reactions as acetylation, alkylation, production of amines, acid amides, cyclic ketones, cyclic olefins or oxygen and sulphur heterocyclic compounds. 


Polyphosphoric acid can be used in the manufacture of special supported catalysts, e. g. for use in the production of cumene from benzene. 

Metal surface treatment

Polyphosphoric acid can be used in the descaling and brightening of metal surfaces. 

Drying agent

Polyphosphoric acid is suitable for the drying of gas streams.

Phosphate esters
Polyphosphoric acid can be used to produce phosphate esters with a high mono-ester content. The acid is reacted directly with the appropriate alcohol to produce the acidic phosphate ester.

Phosphorus based polyols
Phosphorus based polyols can be prepared by reacting the polyphosphoric acid with polyhydroxy compounds, like glycerol or sorbitols, as well as ethylene oxide or propylene oxide derivatives.
Packaging and Handling

Delivery form

Bulk road tanker

Polyphosphoric acid is normally pumped and stored at temperatures of 70 °C - 90 °C. Due to the corrosive properties of hot polyphosphoric acids it is important to insure that the steel has a chromium content of at least 16%.

Polyphosphoric acid 84% should be stored in tightly closed original containers at a dry place because of its hygroscopic properties. If moisture is absorbed, changes in concentration will occur, which can result in crystallization.

Minimum shelf life is 12 months from the date of shipping when stored according to the said conditions.

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Polyphosphoric acid 84%

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