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High-Performance Catalysts for Conversion of Light Olefins and Paraffins to BTX Aromatics and High-Octane Gasoline

CPA Series

Clariant’s CPA series is an advanced catalytic solution for the production of BTX aromatics and high-octane gasoline from light olefins and paraffins, such as LPF and gas condensates. Our high-performance catalysts are designed to maximize yields, thus enhancing plant profitability. Thanks to their outstanding thermo-mechanical stability and excellent regenerability, the catalysts ensure a long lifetime of reliable, cost-effective production. 


We offer CPA catalysts for both fixed-bed and moving-bed process designs. Depending on the plant’s feedstock composition, customers can choose from a variety of olefin and paraffin aromatization catalysts with tailored activity and selectivity.

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  • High BTX yields 
  • Outstanding thermo-mechanical stability
  • Excellent regenerability
Product compositionZeolite-based
Size1.5 mm, 2.2 mm
ShapeExtrusions, Spheres
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