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Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts for Purification of FCC Off-Gas in Sulfur-Bearing Streams

OleMax® 100 Series

OleMax® 100 series catalysts are designed for selective hydrogenation of acetylene and dienes in the purification refinery offgas streams for high value olefins recoveryWhile they convert acetylene and dienes to olefins in the stream, the catalysts effectively remove other contaminants such as MAPD (methyl acetylene/propadiene), oxygen, NOx (nitrogen oxides), and heavy metals. This enables the recovery of ethylene, propylene, and hydrogen from FCC off-gas streams in one single reactor.

A range of catalysts types are offered to suit a variety of plant design conditions.

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  • High selectivity
  • Able to remove several contaminants in one single reactor
  • Lower capital investment
Product compositionNickel
Size8 mm
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