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Selective Acetylene Hydrogenation Catalysts for Ethylene Plants with "Tail-End" Configurations

OleMax® 200 Series

OleMax® 200 series catalysts are developed for selective hydrogenation of acetylene to ethylene in tail-end process configurations. Thanks to their outstanding performance, excellent stability and long operating cycles, the catalysts help producers increase ethylene yield and total profitability while reducing operating costs.

The promoted-palladium catalysts have a long record of performance at ethylene plants throughout the world, where they are used for a variety of feedstocks. We offer a choice of catalysts in different shapes and sizes, which are tailored to meet the unique needs of each operating plant.
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  • Stable and reliable for maintaining on-specification production of ethylene across a wide range of operating conditions 
  • Highest selectivity to polymer grade ethylene of any catalyst on the market 
  • High activity with excellent stability 
  • CO injection is not required to moderate activity 
  • Less hydrogen consumption 
  • High crush strength leading to less crush and palladium loss. 
  • Low green oil formation 
  • Good poison tolerance 
  • Highly flexible to changing operating conditions 
  • Long cycle lengths of up to 6 years 
Product compositionPalladium on aluminum-oxide carrier
Size2-4 mm; 3-5 mm
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