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Oxychlorination Catalysts for Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) Production

OxyMax® Series

OxyMax® is a series of oxychlorination catalysts designed for efficient production of ethylene dichloride (EDC) from ethylene. The range offers excellent stability, selectivity and activity during operation, to maximize ethylene dichloride yields and plant profitability. Producers also benefit from greater flexibility, as the catalysts allow oxychlorination in fluid-bed reactors operated with either air or oxygen, and work under a wide range of operating conditions, such as different feed gas compositions, temperatures, or plant capacities.


We offer a broad range of catalysts to suit different plant requirements and processes:
  • OxyMax® A: for all standard fluid-bed applications 
  • OxyMax® B: for medium and high temperatures (225-240°C)
  • OxyMax® V: provides maximum performance in fluid-bed reactors 
  • OxyMax® M: for fluid-bed reactors using Mitsui Chemicals technology 
  • OxyMax® MW: make-up catalyst for reactors using OxyChem’s Catoxid technology 
  • OxyMax® S & OxyMax® BS: make-up catalysts for units with high loss of fine particles; developed to increase activity and restore fines


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  • High selectivity to ethylene dichloride (EDC)
  • High activity and stability during operation
  • No loss of active compounds
  • No significant variation in surface area 
  • During commercial use, practically no tendency towards sticking among the catalyst particles
  • Optimized for both air- and oxygen-fed fluid-bed processes
  • Works under a wide range of operative conditions, such as different feed gas compositions, temperatures, or plant capacities
Product compositionCopper on alumina powder
Size20 μm - 125 μm
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