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Non-substituted HALS for Waterborne Coatings

Hostavin® 3051-2 DISP

Hostavin 3051-2 DISP is a 52% aqueous dispersion of a low molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS). It is characterized by its easy incorporation, low volatility and broad compatibility with a wide range of waterborne coating systems.
  • Excellent for stabilization of waterborne 2K-PU and acrylic systems
  • Easy incorporation, broad compatibility and low volatility

Classification according CLP regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, as amended).
    Acute toxicity, Cat. 4
    Serious eye damage, Cat. 1
    Specific target organ toxicity - repeated exposure, Cat. 2
    Short-term (acute) aquatic hazard, Cat. 1
    Long-term (chronic) aquatic hazard, Cat. 1
For further information please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Chemical Composition

Chemical nature:        2,2,4,4-Tetramethyl-7-oxa-3,20-diazadispiro[]-heneicosan-21-on

Classification:             Low molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS)


Delivery Specifications and (*) General Properties

CharacteristicsUnitTarget ValueTest Method
Appearance whitish-yellow dispersionA.931.0003
Solids content[%]64.9 - 68.5A.951.0001
HALS content[%]51 - 53A.022.1001
*Particle size distribution D90 [µm]~ 7 
*Density (20°C)[g/cm³]~ 1.07 
*pH value ~ 8.5 

Hostavin 3051-2 DISP is recommended for all types of high performance waterborne systems, such as automotive plastic coatings, general industrial or high end wood coatings.

For exterior clearcoats, it is recommended to use Hostavin 3051-2 DISP in combination with a UV absorber, i.e. Hostavin 3315 DISP or Hostavin 3326 DISP. In the case of pigmented coatings, Hostavin 3051-2 DISP alone should provide sufficient protection.

Hostavin 3051-2 DISP is slightly basic, as an non-substituted HALS, it can influence the crosslinking of certain binders and potentially increase the viscosity during storage of the wet paint. If this is a critical issue, we recommend using Hostavin 3070 DISP, which is an oligomeric HALS with minimal influence on such parameters. 

Recommended dosage level of Hostavin 3051-2 DISP:      0.5 - 2.0% (active additive on solid resin)

Packaging and Handling
Delivery form

PE drums 25 kg
Pallet 300 kg (12 drums)

Hostavin 3051-2 DISP can be stored for at least three years from the date of shipping when kept cool and dry in the original sealed containers. Storage temperatures above +40°C and below +4°C should be avoided.
Hostavin 3051-2 DISP should always be well stirred prior to use, as a slight sedimentation might occur over time.

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Hostavin® 3051-2 DISP

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