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Versatile Adsorbent for Contaminant Removal in Olefin Streams

ActiSorb® 200

ActiSorb® 200 is designed for effective removal of the contaminants, mercury, arsine and sulfur, from olefin streams in steam cracker units containing acetylenic compounds. Thanks to its excellent adhesion properties (contaminant removal down to ppb levels), the adsorbent is proven to prevent catalyst poisoning and protect equipment in downstream processes. 


Since it is able to remove contaminants simultaneously, ActiSorb 200 is the optimal choice for unidentified poisons and changing feedstocks. The robust and regenerable adsorbent provides a long lifetime of reliable purification, thus offering producers higher profitability and a competitive advantage. This is of particular importance because the growing use of more economical and flexible feedstocks, such as olefins, also carries the increased risk of catalyst poisoning.
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  • Removes mercury, arsine, various sulphur compounds, and other contaminants in one step
  • Provides flexible and safe option for use with various types of feedstock 
  • Specially designed for olefin streams containing acetylenic compounds 
  • Proven protection of downstream catalyst/equipment (especially C2 TE, C3 TE, C2 FE) 
  • Efficiently removes catalyst poisons down to ppb level 
  • Regenerable, allowing longer lifetime of purification technology
  • Superior mechanical stability, even under regeneration conditions
Product compositionSilver on aluminum-oxide carrier
Size2-4 mm


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