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Type II aircraft deicing fluid

Safewing® MP II Flight

Safewing® MP II FLIGHT is a modern propylene-based type II de/anti-icing fluid. It meets and exceeds all requirements of the latest revision AMS 1428.
  • Excellent spraying and handling behavior due to an optimum viscosity profile and extremely low shear degradation (compatibility with most spray equipment).
  • Applicable hot or cold, neat or diluted.
  • Fully biodegradable additive package, low surfactant content and triazole-free formulation gives superior environmental profile.
  • Extended Holdover Time wich exceeds generic type II and generic type IV tables.
  • Low residue formulation maximizes fluid elimination and minimizes the formation of rehydrated residues.
  • Long term in field experience at many airports around the world.
Product details
Product Function
  • De-icing Fluid
Safewing™ MP II FLIGHT gives operators the benefit of easy handling with high endurance and safety margin when working with generic or brandspecific holdover time tables. It exceeds generic type II and even generic type IV tables.
Safewing™ MP II FLIGHT contains a low amount of surfactant and a fully biodegradable, triazole-free corrosion inhibitor package leading to a superior environmental profile.
Aquatic toxicity    
LC50 (Rainbow trout, 96 h OECD 203) 2.4 g/L 
EC50 (Daphnia magna, 48 h, OECD 202) 1.0 g/L
EC0 (Bacteria, 30 min DIN EN ISO 11348-2) 5.2 g/L

Thickened Fluids are heat-sensitive. It is recommended to restrict the temperature of Safewing™ MP II FLIGHT to temperatures up to + 60 °C. Special care has to be taken not to cause fluid damage due to local overheating by use of high capacity heating elements. Furthermore, exposure to UV light has to be avoided.
Certification and Approvals
Safewing™ MP II FLIGHT is certified according to the latest revision of AMS 1428. Among the international standard, Safewing™ MP II FLIGHT is certified and approved by many airlines around the world.

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Safewing® MP II Flight

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